Discussion: Fight Or Flight: Rand Paul's Spotty History With The Press

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He’s just a free market maverick! He don’t need no stinking reporters!

PRESIDENT PAUL 2016!!!1!1!!1!!!


Fight Or Flight: Rand Paul’s Snotty History With The Press.

Yes, that looks much better.


I’d say we have a pattern, an inclination, a tenor, a trend, a tendency, a trajectory and a temper.




Is he going to run away or pee in his pants when the Iranians say “BOO”?

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Hmm… I’m reminded of how I described two acquaintances a few years ago:

“I’ve also never seen two grown mean (M and J) who were so girly-girly sensitive. They get their feelings hurt faster than a menopausal woman having a hot flash.”

I think this really applies to this poor itty bitty baby who gets his panties in a wad when he doesn’t get his way or people aren’t properly subservient.

What a dweeb.

Slightly off topic, but to the “he was busy and had to leave” school of thought:

Paul’s campaign team had agreed to an interview, which would be
broadcast live on the smartphone app Periscope, that would last between
six and eight minutes. Paul ended the exchange after four minutes and 50 seconds.

So, The Guardian thought they had an agreement with Paul, who, if not “storming off”; insolently brought, what to him, was an unfruitful interview to a premature end.

P.S. Looks like the Paulistas are out in force, even at the Guardian, defending the honor of their favorite “man on a white horse”.


What a dick. I hope he gets barbecued like a marinated turkey leg over a smoldering charcoal fire. Open your clueless mouth again, Randy, so they’ll squirt some more lighter fluid on the flames.
But personally, I cannot wait until he and Ted have their bitch-slap contest to prove who is the biggest right-wing Christianist walking enema bag. I put my money on Cruz - he’s a total nihilist, wanting to burn it all down without worrying about what to put in its place. But then, the entire Republican Clown Car is filled with more assholes than a proctology clinic, so it might be a close call.


He lives in a bubble and gets “testy” when reality encroaches on his happy place. It’s important to him for you to take him seriously, so he bristles when it’s pointed out how a lot of what he says and believes is not at all serious. He thinks very highly of himself and his ideology and is very confident he has everything figured out, so when it becomes obvious he doesn’t know what he’s talking about, is actually terribly clueless on his signature issues, and that his beliefs are at best fantasy, that’s uncomfortable for him and it shows.

And maybe it’s an attitude promoted by FOX, but he and Ben Carson and some other people primarily on the right have started looking at the “game” as the reality. They acknowledge PR and the self promotion game that is played to the point where they just play the game and don’t even pretend there is a nominal substantive purpose to reporting beyond that PR promotional game. When an interaction with a journalist moves outside of promoting themselves, they are at a loss for what to do. Sharron Angle had a moment in her campaign that made this kind of thing very clear. While being interviewed at one point, she kind of had a “breaking the fourth wall” moment, and paused and basically said to the journalist, “hey, you’re here to promote me, not to ask me tough questions”.

This is not identical to what Paul is doing, but it’s similar in that he reaches a point in the exchange where he has to say, “wait, stop, you’re not buying into my framing so we need to establish my frame”. He mistakenly thinks the problem is not that he’s playing a game, but that the reporter isn’t on board with it. Similarly, Ben Carson has had a few, “you’re concentrating on me calling everything “Nazi” and “slavery” and on the specifics of what I’m actually saying, instead of feeling the feelings I want to evoke without you focusing on the details of what I’m saying”, moments.

It’s like they’re cheaters in a game where they have forgot there is an actual game they are cheating at, and think the cheating itself is the legitimate game.


How about that time his aide curb-stomped a protester?


My bet is this lightweight folds his campaign before the year is out.

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Excellent analysis. Wish I could “double-like” it.


Abby Martin of RT tried interviewing Senator Paul as he was walking briskly though a building. He never stopped or even slowed down. Later, he made comments that made her fear that he was going to sue the entire RT network because he was so annoyed at her interview attempt.

Good, clear, thinking. I too was thinking of Sharon Angle’s relationship with the press in light of Paul’s antics and she, if I remember correctly, came to avoid the press almost entirely, and banned Las Vegas television crews from her election eve party.

Ever notice that those in the right wing media will seldom venture out of their bubble and do other shows. Hannity would never go on Daily Show or Letterman for fear of having to answer for the stupidity that is their schtick. But those on the left will GLADLY go on fox or wherever they will get invited to speak. The right cannot stand to have their ignorance laid out in front of them because that means they have to own it. No dissent allowed on fox, no wonder fox viewers are so dense.

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Since Pauly will never be POTUS, here’s hoping the KY also dismisses him as its junior senator in 2016.

President Obama has the same problem. Oh wait, he doesn’t. And what did he say recently: “I’ve run my last campaign; I know because I won both of them.” Learn from the Master, Sen. Rand!

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“His majesty, the baby.”

The Jr. Senator’s middle name? Gazelle.