Discussion: Ferguson Library Sees 'Staggering' Spike In Donations After Grand Jury Decision

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Wait, Bill Maher said no one’s used public libraries since 1986. Punter.


Thank you for the light.


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It’s nice to have a safe space for people to grieve, to heal, and feel valued…especially one that didn’t get tear gassed last night (like other safe spaces did).


Don’T FORgeT FemA CAmps!!!one11!


All this is great, but let’s not forget libraries are there to promote literacy, would be a shame to let this oppty to go to waste.

Enough with the snark. Just go donate or go home.


Make that 1201.


Libraries are sanctuaries of mind and soul. Places to learn, and to be enriched. Probably explains why the GOP wants to slash their funding.
I have felt this way since on my first library visit, the librarian, a short woman, curly hair and glass in a chain around her neck, urged me to read “To Kill a Mockingbird”.

Donate people. Donate.


Giving a donation to the Ferguson Library is great… but we can do more! Donate to the library in your area in Michael Brown’s name too. He will live on through donation in Ferguson and all over the world!

Hard to believe this racist town HAS a library.

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Look. It’s simple. Unless you live in the district that subsumes Ferguson, there is very, very little you can to effect ANY change, much less POSITIVE change, in Ferguson. Sucks, but there it is.

There may be other things you can to to effect positive change from this horrid event, but in Ferguson itself? This is just about your only opportunity – certainly the only concrete, positive one I’ve come across.

Piss, moan, wring your hands, post your unoriginal, unfunny whiny-baby pap. Feel smug but unfulfilled for a nanosecond. And why not? I do it all the time myself.

But donate to this library fund, and know that you’ll be make a difference. Really. Visit a muni library and you’ll know this is true.

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All donations are from liberals and Democrats, no doubt. Conservatives are by nature intimidated by libraries, books, reading and learning.


Just the latest example of Bill Maher’s being an idiot. In addition to books, you can borrow CDs and DVDs from the library and use its databases. At least here in NYC. Donate to your local library!

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There is something very “meta” about a library story in the Ferguson context. The meta fight here is claiming the narrative, and at the meta-meta level, the struggle between oral and recorded transmission of information. On one hand, there is white privilege to maintain civil order, even if it means leaving unpunished a policeman who wrongfully slays an unarmed member of the public. On the other, is the notion of justice denied and not allowing the facts to speak for themselves, which is antithetical to several basic American narratives. One rule of Hollywood scriptwriting is that if you are going to go there, it’s best to hang your plot on a folk tale. Tarantino, for example, used the story of Brunhilde and Seigfried in “Django Unchained”.

Folklore is based on oral traditions, and as such has the power to outlast the written word. In a society like the US with low functional literacy, setting your narrative in folklore armor is a key to dominating the discussion. Various formats are being tried. For example, “David and Goliath” with the tiny Wilson managing to best the giant Brown. Since Brown died and Wilson killed him it comports with that tale. More generally, as Audrey Hepburn noted, “Fairy tales tell children the dragon can be killed.” Thus, Ferguson protestors are on the side of the dragon (at least, that’s what you can gather from Fox News).

Team Brown, of course, has plenty of tales with the not quite innocent young man getting killed and then bad things befalling the killers. In the Pardoner’s Tale, three young guys decide to go out and find Death and kill him, only to have the plan backfire. Here, the Police are Death, and they have both overt and covert ways to deal with people. Brown is caught up in bigger events and gets chewed up. Death always wins, and to drive home the point, the smarmy Pardoner, who sells indulgences and fake relics, tries to get the gullible to kiss his balls, inciting a strong reaction from the faithful. Read " Robert McCulloch" for Pardoner, and you’re there.