Discussion: FEMA Administrator: We're Going To Be In Texas 'For Years'

The cleanup crews are going to be needed around the world from now on. Houston is the world. Some of you older folks may remember how it goes: This is the world. This is climate change. This is the world on climate change. Any questions?


Say goodbye to tax cuts GOP.



It will interesting to see which Republicans are going to vote for a bill to fund ‘years’ of relief when they come up with their budget, and which Rs are going to demand ‘offsets’ as they did with Sandy but not with Katrina. I’m fairly certain we’ll see a lot of hypocrisy and ludicrous rationale to explain how this is somehow different.


Caught the tail end of an NPR interview with some dimbulb TX politico this morning (didn’t get whether he was state level or a Congress critter - ETA: Rep. Pete Olson). When asked about his support for the “Wall” versus possible flood control measures, he responded “That’s a whole different pot of money.” So he was still good with the wall. Yet voters trust this guy to make decisions affecting their pocketbooks??! Jesus wept.


Texas senators who voted against aid for Hurricane Sandy ask for federal assistance ahead of Hurricane Harvey http://hill.cm/xHJJk36


And the problem with this is that his voters won’t hear him on NPR, that Marxist commie radio station.

O/T When did the left become Marxists? Why is this the new invective the right uses against anyone questioning Trump? And if we are going Marxist what’s out new color palette?

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And yet, these Republicans, and especially this administration, are loathe to say anything about the unusually sustained dump of precipitation on the area…including again, the national media.

Up until this event the television news media was beginning to get slightly better at mentioning man-made climate change having significant repercussions on the planet, but especially the country for the very first time. Throughout the Obama years, the media played it too safe, and didn’t want to upset the political powers that be, with an issue only made contentious by Rs when anyone focused on it. Therefore the news business gave it short shrift and little air time in their reporting, until right before Obama was leaving office as an issue for the next President, who either accepted it, minimized it, or denied it during the campaign.

Now that tRump and his lackeys have demanded everything in our gov’t be scrubbed of any reference to the data, the science and the research, or even the very mention of the words “climate change” and “global warming” by more than one federal agency, the idea of ignoring the reality in such a determined effort, has only strengthened the media to question why the tRump administration is so adverse to the research and the science in this area…Obviously, catering to the fossil fuel industry is the answer, one in which they refuse to make any rules or laws to rein in the excesses.

I suppose it’ll be much like after a mass shooting now…and we’ll be asking ourselves in some absurd way…Is it “too soon” to mention global warming??


@lastroth I’m guessing “Marxist” sounds worse than “socialist”, and “progressive”? Pshaw! So, you know…
But, to your point - his voters hear him spouting this nonsense (I assume) in other venues, and they’re still good with it. That’s the rub.

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So when will some intrepid reporter ask Trump or SHS the definition of Democracy?
Inquiring minds want to know.

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And Alex Jones queues up his FEMA IS HERE TO TAKE AWAY YOUR GUNS!!! in 5…4…3…2…


He has Tom Delay’s old seat. Real douche nozzle.

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Everything has to be rebuilt. Bet a lot of people will regret supporting deportations of Mexican construction workers.


@antisachetdethe He has Tom Delay’s old seat.

I’m gonna take a WAG here and venture that that may explain everything. Well, everything save how several tens of thousands of people became so willfully stupid.

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TX doesn’t have “New York values” so apples and oranges.

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Yep. It’s my understanding that undocumented workers played a big role in rebuilding New Orleans after Katrina. Texas won’t be getting that same amount of help. When Olson references “a different pot of money” he’s clearly too stupid to realize that there are finite pots of cash to be accessed for projects after Jan. 20, 2017. The reality is that there really isn’t a Federal government anymore.

Dems should attach an amendment to eliminate the debt ceiling so that GOPosaurs can no longer take it hostage, and another one to roll back the Reagan tax cuts to pay for any aid to Texas. But they won’t. They’re too busy “taking the high road”, which only enables Republican’ts to get away with being giant bags of twice-used enema fluid…

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I remember after Katrina the population loss New Orleans suffered. 15 years after the storm it was back to only 80% of its 2000 population.
Houston will suffer similar loses I posit. Some people will suffer uninsured home losses. Thousands of older homes will not be repaired or rebuilt. Anyone that was thinking of leaving for all the reasons a person moves will use this event as a final prod to do so. Others will be dissuaded from moving there from other places. Rental stock rates will go through the roof, keeping out many that wish to stay after losing a home. Home prices in areas that didn’t suffer flood damage will rise precipitously as real estate agents highlight areas safe from future flooding of this magnitude due to elevation or other factors that immunized them from the high water. Many businesses will never reopen, giving their former employees motivation to move elsewhere.
Overall for at least a decade or more Houston is screwed.


Will probably go better if Donald isn’t in WH for years!

TX is probably one of the few red states that pays more in that they usually get from fed.

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