Discussion: Federal Appeals Court Hears Proof Of Citizenship Law That Kobach Touted

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Kobach is a nasty dangerous person.
He wrote a law for my state(AZ) even tho he is from Kansas. SB1070, the “papers please” law.
The Az legislstor he partnered with lost his seat because of all that. And his seat was in deeply red Mesa, AZ nera Phoenix. In fact it is a suburb.
Kobach by his actions has little revealed his disregard for the Constitution.


Sigh. The ghost of Kobach (and Brownback, too) continue to haunt my adoptive state.

[deleted a whole bunch of stuff about how conservative GOP holdovers are making trouble for our new Democratic governor re properly funding schools, Medicaid for all, and back-dooring tax cuts.]


I’ll buy that Republicans are interested in the integrity of the voting process the day they come out in support of a National ID card provided at no-cost to all Citizens.


Kansas barred 30,732 citizens from registering to vote as a measure to protect against 11 illegal votes that were cast over a 14 year period. According to CDC statistics there were 14,415 firearm related homicides in the US in 2016. Kansas is focusing its efforts on the wrong Constitutionally protected rights.


Isn’t this law about out of its nine lives? It dies and then is back in court. lather rinse repeat.

That said, there is one quibble I have with the report:

Kobach, a conservative Republican, was a leading source for Trump’s unsubstantiated claim that millions of immigrants living in the U.S. illegally may have voted in the 2016 election.

I have the impression that Trump immediately (upon realizing how BIG his loss was of the popular vote) didn’t go looking for an explanation and them glomb onto Kobach’s work, but rather he impulsively made up the number of “illegal votes” (imagine that - just over 3 million), and then Kris immediately came to the rescue escalating even his claims to then match Trump’s number and provide the explanation … and came with a proposal for the Vote Fraud panel.


Rethugicans really suck.


As usual, the GOP’s idea of “voter fraud” is voting for a Democrat. I do hope the full court comes down hard on this nonsense. Alternatively, as proposed by @castor_troy, we provide a national ID card to every person in this country at no cost. Good luck with that one…


Wow! So slimy, yet obvious in their attempts to suppress the vote.

In that picture, Kobach looks like his fellow turtle Klansman, Yertle.

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Yep, rein in wasteful government spending.

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Kansas argued in court filings that it has a compelling interest in preventing voter fraud. It contended its proof-of-citizenship requirement is not a significant burden and protects the integrity of elections and the accuracy of voter rolls.

Hey Kansas you want to explain to that nice white Kansas woman who couldn’t renew her US passport because she was born at home in the 1970s? The birth certificate that her father received from the Leavenworth County Courthouse wasn’t good enough to support to her claim of being a US citizen.