Discussion: Federal Appeals Court Blocks Proof-Of-Citizenship To Vote Gambit In 3 States


Nobody will ever deprive the American people of the right to vote except the American people themselves—and the only way they could do that is by not voting at all.
____Franklin Roosevelt: Radio Address from the White House.
October 5, 1944


Suck on that, Newbie or should I say, Newby. You lose. Hope someone keeps a close eye on that fucker all the same. He seems like the type that will go ahead and do as he pleases regardless of any court decision telling him to do otherwise.


A bad day for Kansas is a good day for voting rights.

Suck it, Kobach


I would venture an opinion about this, however the Sharia Law that has overrun my county precludes me from saying anything. Plus there’s a stoning at 4 o’clock and I need to get going.


Roll one for me, but I can’t make it till 4:30.


I always have this problem. By the time I get there, nothing but pebbles.


The old, to vote or not to vote ‘gambit’. It isn’t really ever supposed to be left to chance, I’m just sayin’.


What IS up with Kansas…failed trickle down, Brownback in the tank, schools failing, people leaving, continual and intense efforts to block non-existent voter fraud? These folks are seriously sick. But they are like Zombies. You kill them and they just keep coming back. Kobach seems to have a farm system between himself, Newby and Hans Von Spakovsky of people who think mass voter fraud is endemic in our country, even when repeated research finds no significant sign of it and what does occur is far more often in mail in fraud rather than multiple votes or registrations.


Obviously, the DHS-overtime ploy was there as backup in case the court ruled in the other direction.

I’ve signed up for one of the work crews organized by the local Democratic party to dig tunnels under the border wall in the San Diego area. I love the perks. Got the t-shirt after 10 hours of digging, and only need a few more hours to get a hat and a monogrammed reusable ice pack.


You missed the joke…you should have said you couldn’t make it until 4:20, then it would have wrapped in both a “Sharia law” joke AND a “stoner” joke. You can’t let these opportunities pass you by. :wink:


Yeah, in comedy timing is everything.


Democracy strikes again!


What else will the law an order party try next.

Another bench slap for the vote suppressors. Thank goodness the rodents have not completely infested the federal judiciary, though it’s not for lack of trying, I’m sure. Note that the Bush appointee dissented…surprise, surprise. It Can’t Happen Here, much like Idiocracy, are rapidly becoming works of non-fiction.

How is this a bad day for Kansas? It’s one of the few good days we’ve managed since BB and his minions took over! Maybe the tide is turning? (At this point even a little ripple wave on the beach helps… ) Early voting starts the 19th, so there’s not a whole lot of time to recover even after this decision.

Should have written
“Bad day for the current state government of Kansas.”

Thank you for your kind correction (though I actually knew what you meant)! Here’s to more “bad days” for those creeps. Hopefully especially 11/9. :boom:

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And now this: http://talkingpointsmemo.com/muckraker/kris-kobach-contempt-of-court

Lovely-- maybe they could put him in the stocks for a day or so too?