Discussion: Fed. Judge To Hear Arguments In True The Vote Mississippi Case Thursday

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Throw it so far out of court that it can never come back.

One point from the Clarion-Ledger article, before people start asking:

The Texas Judge was assigned by the 5th Circuit to hear the case because McDaniel complained that the federal judges in Mississippi are there on recommendation of Cochran. Smart move. This way, when the suit is dismissed, McDaniel can’t appeal on the grounds of judicial bias.


Thanks, that clarifies a great many things that should have been clear in this article.

Now, can somebody translate the opening sentence of this article in to English, because as it stands, it’s a fine example of frontier gibberish.

Somewhere a noun is wondering how it got left behind…

Where’s Jeff Davis when you need him?

This ain’t going nowhere, but I do want it to continue to split the Mississippi GOP up until November!

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Try: “A federal judge in Texas will hear oral arguments on Thursday in True the Vote’s lawsuit seeking Mississippi election records from the U.S. Senate primary runoff , according to the Clarion-Ledger.”

Now just don’t do that “Your honor, our contention is that ni(CLANG!) voted in this election” thing. That only works in Mississippi.

Judge Nancy Atlas will hear the case.

Nancy Atlas is an Article III federal judge on senior status for the United States District Court for the Southern District of Texas. She joined the court in 1995 after being nominated by President Bill Clinton. Atlas assumed senior status on June 20, 2014, leaving active service just under 19 years.

Suckit, McDaniel

How the hell does a District Court in Texas have jurisdiction or proper venue in this case?

Never mind.

Yeah. In Texas, it’s only a problem when Latinos vote.

How much of Gramp’s and Gran’s money is being used? You can bleed a mark forever as long as you take small bites.

Another point: The hearing is not with a judge in Texas, but rather with a senior judge from Texas. She is flying to Jackson, where the hearing will be held.