Discussion: FBI Offers $5,000 Reward After Man Leaves Bacon At Vegas Mosque In Possible Hate Crime

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Definitely a ham-handed kind of hate criminal at work here.


Pam Geller wants the security camera footage, it’ll give her something to jerk off to over the New Year holiday.

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Well this is to be expected. People are doing it because they’re being told to do it. They are being made to feel it’s the right thing to do and their victims deserve it. Some of the folks providing the encouragement are running for president.

I’d forgotten your tendency to make puns but am glad to see you back anyway. : )

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Elvis appears to have lost some weight…

What a waste of perfectly good bacon. He ought to serve an extra 18 months for that alone.


A filthy right-wing swine left parts of his dead mother at the mosque? How piggishly porcine.

Bacon? The Bible requires everyone to keep kosher, you know, so it’s off-limits to Christians, too. Of course, for Christians to know that, they’d have to actually read the book.

Thanks Matt. It’s going to be 6 mo. for recovery and my neck is really sore. So off and on commenting with long breaks in between for a while.

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