Discussion: FBI Director Can't Promise That Agents Won't Pose As Journalists

Discussion for article #230995

Good for him, you should never say “never”. He is pretty clear that such a tactic might be used only in extraordinary circumstances. Good. This guy has shown a lot of integrity, especially when he stood up to Ashcroft and Bush. So someone trying to trap him into saying “never” is silly nonsense.

Just like torture. You can’t say you would “never” do it. You just don’t make it your stated policy, use it on prisoners, etc. There might be a very rare occasion in the field where an agent might need to use torture on someone in a life threatening situation, etc., but that should be the rare exception you hope you don’t have to use, not the rule.

There are those who think Cheney authorized torture to get people to say stupid stuff like “yes, an attack on a mall is likely” after being pressed about one through torture. Then they could say they had a credible threat about an attack on a mall, and act like they protected all of us when nothing happened. I don’t doubt that was part of the M.O.

Which treaty-bound agreement did the United States sign to outlaw posing as a journalist? Torture is illegal. Anyone that thinks it is necessary should be willing to accept the criminal penalty for using it. It wouldn’t make them any less immoral, but it would demonstrate some integrity.

That’s exactly what he got from KSM. They claimed that torturing him in 2003 gave them information to break up a plot to attack the Library Tower in 2002.