Discussion: Father Suspected Gunman At Anti-Islam Event:

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I hope they hunt down and bring to justice all of those involved in this terrorist conspiracy.

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He added that his son was “always a good kid.”

Well, aren’t they all when they are kids? But he grew up and kind of went nuts, it looks like.

That would mean Pamela Geller and all those in her sick circles. This was done in my opinion, to draw this type of reaction so she could say see, we told you they are animals. What her organization doe with its demonization of muslims, is put our soldiers in harms way around the world and is inviting attacks in this country. There is a reason the police insisted on her having $10,000 worth of security at this event.

Where does it say the first amendment can be used to incite violence and terrorism

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Free speech is free speech. Don’t make excuses for terrorists who want to kill. We have to learn to recognize the facts. We cannot ignore the fact that religion is contributing factor in these terrorists decision to kill innocent people. The cartoonist in France, the writer in Bangladesh, the author in the Netherlands. It is not about Pam Geller. It is about the social, cultural, education and religious impact of a particular religion on a minority of its followers.

We cannot question the sincerity, authenticity, rationality or content of free speech. Would you test your Muslim friends on the understanding of the koran or of sharia law, ask them to demonstrate the rationality of their religion, or to prove Mohammad was a true prophet who would kill people for drawing picture? Apply the same standard for Christians and for Free Speech.

If such cartoon drawing events are a honey pot that attract vile terrorists from their cells, we should do more of them.

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Geller is a sack of excrement … there I exercised my free speech. These people can draw pictures of whoever they wish, they have that right and that is a fundamental right. They DO NOT have the right to endanger others. Why don’t they do this in their OWN NEIGHBORHOODS? Geller should rent out a school building where HER family work or study and then carry on one of these freak shows. Am I glad these swine are dead? Of course. That doesn’t mean that Geller is not a political whore.

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