Discussion: Family Of Shooter Says He Blamed Cardiac Surgeon For His Mother's Death

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This is part of the price we pay for easy access to handguns.

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This is just so awful on so many levels and for so many reasons I’m at a loss for words.
My family knows a heart surgeon and has known him since he was a teenager.
Heart surgeons do things now that were only imagined as recently as the 1960’s.

“O the pity of it!” – Othello

From the Boston Globe:
“Gregory Pasceri said his mother had suffered from several health problems. She was diagnosed with emphysema in the 1980s and had chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. In 2003, she twice underwent heart surgery; one procedure detected a 90 percent blockage in one of her arteries, Gregory Pasceri said.After the procedure, she swore off smoking and enjoyed generally stable health until she started having breathing problems last year, he said.In the fall, she underwent a heart procedure at the Brigham after she started complaining about breathing problems, Gregory said. He said he was told the surgery went well, but his mother fell ill while en route from the Brigham to a rehabilitation facility in the Worcester area.
At that point, she was taken to Saint Vincent Hospital in Worcester, where she steadily declined and eventually was put on a breathing tube, her son said. Her lungs were filling with blood and she died within minutes of being taken off a ventilator, he said. Her death certificate lists the cause of death as “cardiovascular collapse” due to congestive heart and kidney failure and a type of respiratory failure associated with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.”

And this guy blames the heart surgeon and shoots him dead. What a depraved piece of scum.