Discussion: False News On Las Vegas Shooting Suspect Spreads On Google, Facebook

When will we see Republicans who are beholding to NRA money say something more than “thoughts and prayers?”

Trumpioid: This is evidence that FB is against Trump. They took down the link to Gateway Pundit - so he was wrong - people still had the right to read it and spread it.

Has anyone seen Fox News lately? The hatred toward all Democrats, libruls, thugs (minorities), and anyone not saluting the flag and kissing Trump’s ass 24 hours a day is truly shocking. Fox News used to be unfair and unbalanced, but now they are in a new dimension.

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The center of gravity in the GOP and conservative world has shifted toward Breitbart, Alex Jones, and so on. Fox News is just chasing their viewers as they all head down that rabbit hole of “alternative facts” and conspiracy theories and every manner of rightwingnuttery.

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