Discussion: Failed Carjackers Couldn't Drive Stick Shift

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“Where were you on the night of December 10th, around 9pm?
Are you able to operate a vehicle with a manual transmission?
Please answer the question Mr Issa.”



Judging from his mouth, he’s full automatic.


Millennials, hah! Can’t do anything for themselves!


I believe Mr Issa with his history with cars could drive about any of them. With his history in congress driving a hearing. Not so much.

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Finally, I have an argument for driving a stick other than “I prefer it.” You’d think that would be enough…


Fie on the American car manufacturers who foisted off automatic shift cars on high school driving classes. My husband and I learned to drive a stick because that is what we had, we continued to buy them because they are more fun to drive and save fuel, so our kids learned at the ranch before going off to required driver’s class. Anyone can drive an automatic if they can drive a stick.


nah, he has people for that. besides, it’s too much like work.

Driving a stick demands attention and actual thought, processes with which Mr. Issa seems not acquainted.

It’s always so funny when people pull guns on other people and commit federal crimes because they think it’s their best option! It’s even funnier when they are so uneducated or strung out that they don’t know how to drive the cars they steal! Oh wow, my side is splitting.

Sticks can save fuel if you know how to shift to save fuel and do so, otherwise they can use more. So even for folks with good shifting knowledge, unless you’re doing that all the time, you’ll probably save fuel, especially over the life of the car, with the newer automatic transmissions.

And for the majority of the general public, that doesn’t know shit about shifting, the newer automatics will save not only fuel but transmissions, engines and accidents.