Discussion: Facing Tough Election, McConnell Hides His Position On Major Issues

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“I’m for whatever will get me the most votes (if you ignore my long history of voting and public statements)” is not a good campaign strategy.


The Corporate Controlled Conservative Press will let him get away with this.


So true. Pound away Alison Lundergan Grimes. Keep pounding till you’re heard. Only then will McConnell’s camp have to respond.


It’s Kentucky. Few people there give a damn anymore. They just don’t care.


It’s wrong to call Kentucky “bright red”----all of the statewide offices are now held by Democrats, including Alison Lundergan Grimes, who is the Secretary of State.

And the governor and the AG are Democrats, too.


If only the media were to look into these things? Nah.


During the VAWA debates in 2012 and 2013 he supported a scaled-back version which excluded protections for LGBT victims, Native Americans and undocumented immigrants.

Next time a Republiteapartyconservatard tries to tell you they aren’t racist, bring up this bit of history and ask them to explain Mitch’s unbiased stance on the racist front.


He is also opposed to the Turtle Tunnel in florida

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I think mcconnell may need thet turttle tunnel when the press starts asking him about all the votes he fought against like the first responders health care bill , the 21 century GI bill, vawa, min wages , unemployment, etc etc


His time has come and gone, McConnell is hanging on by his teabags.


Damn those interwebs for reminding people what I voted against!


Mitch believes no one ever lost a Senate election through underestimating the intelligence of the Commonwealth’s voters. Having watched his past elections, Rand Paul’s and Jim Bunning’s I have to admit that inductive logic would tend to be on his side on that one.


That may be true on the national stage but it isn’t what’s happening in KY. The editorial boards of the larger market newspapers are no longer handing out the free passes to McConnell that they used to. The comment about Kynect being “unconnected” to Obamacare seems to have been the last straw for even some of the more mainstream to right leaning papers. Plus, I think they can all smell blood in the water. McConnell’s seriously off his game in a way we’ve never seen before and I think that’s emboldened the editorial boards to go after him more aggressively.


There TPM goes again. So McConnell has ads saying he’s pro-choice and pro-Immigration Reform and pro-climate change, and TPM instinctively accuses him of “obscuring” his previous positions. Whatever happened to the good old concept of “lying through is teeth”?


That might explain three decades of Jesse Helms.

Not at all. Helms won by stirring up anger and hate among both the stupid and those who should have known better. Nowadays, he’d never have stood a chance here–two decades of immigration and other demographic change have transformed the electorate since he shuffled of the ol’ mortal coil.

Kentucky though–well, I’m from there and the continued migration of sane people from the rest of the state to Lexington and Louisville has accelerated–and made what were both livable towns when I left even more so now–the demographic makeup of the state as a whole hasn’t really changed.


Don’t think that’s accurate. Many people spend so much effort just to keep their heads above water that they don’t have time/energy to track issues and listen to the loudest voice - often their preachers who steer them to the far right.

Fair enough. McConnell doesn’t share Helms’ hate legacy. I was mostly referencing “inductive logic” that motivates GOPers to vote against their best interests.

Nothing new here, the typical Republican campaign includes RUNNING AWAY from everything they stood for while in office…and the ASTOUNDING thing is that the “conservative” voters fall for it time after time after time.

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