Discussion: Expert To Rio Olympic Athletes: 'Don't Put Your Head Under Water'

Welcome to Rio!
Just don’t drink the water.
Or swim in it.
Or sail upon it.
Or touch it.
Or smell it.
Or look at it.

But enjoy our famous beaches!
Just don’t walk on the sand without hip waders.
Or let kids on the beaches.
Or pets.
Or the elderly.

But most of all, enjoy the games!
…from another country preferably.


Gross. How the fuck did they get awarded this Olympics again? Someone didn’t do their homework. So the world sends their strongest and healthiest athletes to be subjected to this shit, literally. Its really disgusting.

I used to be so geeked up for the Olympics. Not this year. Its become a huge financial boondoggle for whoever takes on these games…displaces regular citizens of a country and puts countries in debt because they always feel the need to outdo the last Olympic games with even more glitz and grandeur. Eventually it becomes a race to the bottom…and its the athletes, for who these games are supposed to be for, that pay the ultimate price.


Yesterday, I told someone it looked like the Rio Olympics were going to be a shitshow fail parade, but I thought it was just a figure of speech.


Well, you won’t need to talk about the RNC convention much, now, so it won’t be a great loss to transfer the phrase to Rio.

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Pick permanent sites for summer and winter, put up and maintain competition venues there, and have countries bid for the honor of putting on the opening ceremonies with their own cultural twist every four years.


The U.S. basketball team is smart staying on a chartered cruise ship. I wish the rest of our teams were there. If we get through this Olympics without some Olympic Village structures collapsing or burning down or being infested with disease vector critters, it will be a miracle. Then there are issues with athletes and visitors being mugged/murdered by the locals and/or cops. That people will become ill from contamination is a given. What a nightmare.