Discussion: Ex-US Sen. Howard Baker Jr. Dies

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I’m sorry to hear it; I have always admired Howard Baker. He was an American first, and a Republican second.


Sad. One of the last ‘true Republicans’. Nashville will go into morning…it has already started here in the legal community. Baker was well-respected.


Boy, it really brings it home just what has happened to our political scene when you think back on how Baker and his political opposites actually worked together placing the common good of the country before their own political fortunes. sigh


Remember the good old days, when senators did the correct thing for our country, regardless of what party they were affiliated with?


Truly a “public servant” and one of the best people regardless of party to serve in D.C. in my lifetime.

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AS it happens, I knew Howard Baker slightly, and it is hard to imagine a more charming, witty, or endearing person.

He was known for his fine photography, which he often donated to charity auctions, and for his courtly manners and wonderful storytelling ability.

His place in American political history is assured.

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Howard’s first wife was Joy Dirksen, daughter of Sen. Everitt Dirksen of Illinois.
She died some time ago.

Nancy Landon Kassebaum, daughter of former Kansas governor and presidential candidate Alf Landon, was his second wife, and a lovely and charming woman.

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RIP Senator Baker. Your common sense and basic decency are missed on the Hill.

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Sad news. He was one of the last real Republicans.

“What did the president know and when did he know it?”

Reagan-era version: “What did the president not recall, and when did he not recall it?”

and so the last honorable Republican bits the dust…
Too bad.