Discussion: Ex-Staffer: Benghazi Committee Has Become A 'Partisan' Investigation

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As I had posted on yesterday’s thread (this morning):

I say-- make a hero out of him.
Dominate the news cycles if possible-- for as long as possible.
If it turns out to be ‘less than’? Who cares?

Turn the tables and repeat Maj Podliska’s story for as long as it holds water.
The point here is killing the Benghazi Committee.
It’s not like we’re dealing with honorable opposition.



Notice that the CNN headline reads that: “Former Investigator Rails Against Benghazi Committee.” Not “criticizes”, not “speaks out against”, but “rails against”. CNN is just a pathetic mockery of a tolerable imitation of a news organization.


Honey, this was always a partisan witch hunt.


If by “has become” you mean “always was” then you would be correct.

Congratulations on realizing what everybody who wasn’t foaming-at-the-mouth retarded already knew from the beginning, I guess. Better late than never.


“Podliska, an Air Force major…conservative Republican…”

Rightwing heads are exploding all over. Zippity-doo-dah.


Thank you for affirming what the rest of us already knew!

Benghazi-gaism is/was a smear campaign against Clinton. Firstly against the Obama administration, when that didn’t pan out…now against Clinton.

Notice that these fools now deflect to…look over here, emails…emails…emails…

More of the same, paid for by our US tax dollars!


The Benghazi Committee (*Sponsored by FOX, the RNC and GOP Political hacks everywhere.) is a ~gasp!~ “partisan witch hunt”??? OH…say it ain’t so! Be still my beating heart_____OH…THE HUMANITY!

Enough snark? OK! I’ll stop.
The Bonfire of the Vanities Committee is nothing more than Republican Benghazi Derangement Syndrome.


Unfortunately Fox News will just “accidentally” say he’s a liberal Democrat, and then BAM! it becomes truth to an audience that only gets their news from biased sources. Like how they still claim MLK was a Republican or that all school shootings are carried out by liberals.


Bbbbuuuttt’! FUX News says it’s so…so it must be so!
FUX News: “Fairly Imbalanced: We Distort; You Abide.”


Wow, this is very startling…a conservative who was designated to conduct investigations for the Benghazi committee, also felt the investigation was being conducted in a partisan way…this is truly disturbing!


No shit Dick Tracey.

So they admitted that the committee was created as a political witch hunt and now an Air Force major that they hired as an investigator says yeah it was a political witch hunt.

So no, it doesn’t seem like it was a political witch hunt, I can’t imagine why anyone would think that. Probably the liberal media making things up.


By the time the Committee finishes roughing him up, Podliska will be rethinking his 2016 vote for President, trust me.


Eli’s Cumming, you better hide…



He can begin to transition to rethinking by watching the first Democratic debate on CNN this coming Tuesday. Hillary will set him straight and she’ll give him the “explaining” he seems to want and desperately needs.

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That is so very sly! Thanks.

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Don’t hold it in, Ralph. Tell us how you really feel.

It’s a pity the lyrics of Eli’s Comin’ are so shallow, otherwise it would be perfect for a parody song to direct at Trey Gowdy.

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I’m watching meet the press while writing this. The goateed one just said that there is some confusion over who fired who in this wrongful termination case. as if the staffer may have fired the committee? Film at 11


Maybe shallow but sung by three great vocalists!