Discussion: Ex-NFL Star, Stone's Neighbor Reacts Arrest: 'I've Only Seen That Sh*t In Movies'


Years ago I was getting the bikes off the car outside a bed and breakfast on a residential street in Montreal and suddenly a million cop cars swarmed up, screeched to a stop, and the cops all started jumping out and getting behind open doors as they pointed guns at a house down the street. It was so unreal I said to my girlfriend, “We should probably get up on the porch.” :smile: Turns out it was a big drug raid. No shots fired and the rest of the trip was relatively free of drawn weapons in view.


Interesting displacement of “to”.

I don’t want to see ANY movie Roger Stone has been in…

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What are the odds on that!!! Living right next door to somebody for-who-knows-how-many-years, yet never having laid eyes on them… but having caught Get Me Rodger Stone on Netflicks

Watched it happen on my street last year: neighbor kid pulled his car out of the driveway, immediately surrounded by cop cars, they haul his scrawny but out of the vehicle, clap the cuffs on and take him away. He had drugs and a gun in his vehicle. That ain’t never happenin’ to me if I can help it, no sirree!!

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Yep, I have had a street full of different agencies show up more than once. It looked like a LEO open house, made Stone’s look like a tea party. The one incident that got me was the police chopper with skids in the top of our back yard Oak. That was a bit nerve racking. It was occasionally an interesting street to live on.


One night in 1999, while working night shift in a 24 hour Walgreens, I saw Phoenix SWAT staged outside the pharmacy drive through window. I was told it was bulletproof, but still. Turns out, instead of the usual CVS across the street from Walgreens, there were some illegal drug dealers set up shop.

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This action is fairly routine for all FBI raids. Friends here in the Four Corners maybe 10 years ago experienced such armed, terrifying invasions of FBI when they were being investigated for digging up Anasazi pots on federal land, a common occurrence around here. A Santa Fe buddy who only knew some of these people, like me, was also raided by a bunch of FBI. They took his computer and other records, made him sit on the sofa but not handcuffed, eventually returning everything in 2 weeks. He was guilty of nothing but knowing some of the real criminals (pot hunters basically, nothing violent about any of those actually arrested).

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Mr. Nixon Tattoo tried to make a statement and he was drowned out by crowds chanting “Lock him up!”

(laugh, laugh, laugh, laugh)

Anyone remember when Rog was taunting Murller? I sure do.


Stone lives next to friggin’ Ochocinco?!?!

I guess being a corrupt crook pays well. For awhile.


Johnson’s lucky Mueller’s not a Steelers fan. He’d be coming after him next.

Not that Ochocinco’s guilty of anything. Mueller would just like to see the look on his face.


Seriously!!! How is this a humble brag? He’s a former athlete who still exercises. But apparently not before 6 am…


Perhaps a screening of “All the President’s Men” would be a appropriate…

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CVS / Drug Dealers. Tomato / ToMAHtoe

Coincidentally, APM just landed on Amazon Prime streaming video the other day.

I’ve been watching the blu-ray on repeat since Christmas.


This is like a movie. It’s life imitating art.

But on that score, everyone needs to watch Brexit on HBO. Nothing new, but seeing it all woven into a dramatic narrative is totally absorbing. Cumberbatch is great, but Rory Kinnear is fabulous as well. An undersung actor that one.

But the warning for us is clear and Stone’s arrest just puts the dot on the i. Yah, there’s Russia and there’s collusion there. But more than anything, the calls are coming from inside the house.

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Mr. Nixon Tattoo got busted in his jammies.

But what did the jammies look like? Did they have Yodas and shit on em?

(That was a Raising Arizona reference. Movie is jam-packed full of great lines)

Get Me Roger Stone (2017) (imdb 7.4).

I’ve been waiting until the tide turns the the #RatFrakkers are on the run.

He probably wet himself