Discussion: Ex-Mariah Carey Manager Accuses Felix Sater Of Hacking Her For Celebrity Info

AP, Trump, Timing


As the web gets ever larger and more convoluted…

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I wonder what the backdoor was. She told him her passwords?

As expected. The arch-criminal got into the White House. That was a galactic mistake by American voters.

The arch-criminal understands that without the protections and prerogative of that office, he is in a much worse position.

Prerogatives of that office include affecting the timing of information presentation.


I think it was @dommyluc who, on another thread, mentioned “a smorgasbord of sleaze”.

It’s not just that they are crooks, they are into everything.


Stolper also says Sater wanted help shopping his life story to Hollywood…

…where it would immediately become fodder for an episode of MST3K.


Look, look - over there… Shiny Object!! An assist to Team Trump ala AP.

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Sounds like the plot of a bad TV episode.

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please, it would make ‘birdemic’ look like citizen kane

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