Discussion: Ex-Israeli Prez Shimon Peres: Israel Could Face Eternal War Without Palestinian State

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if we should lose our majority, and today we are almost equal, we cannot remain a Jewish state or a democratic state.

A simple statement of reality, like “water is wet”. When Jews are the minority of the Israeli population, then Isreal either ceases to be Jewish, or it ceases to be a democracy. Either/or, with no middle ground. And yet Bibi and all of his supporters (both in Israel and here in the US) are unable to grasp that.

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Many supporters of the present policy believe that when all the prophetic preconditions are fulfilled, then Messiah must come this time and settle such vain concerns.

Other agnostic supporters of the present policy “believe” in mo’ better ethnic cleansing than in Messiah’s return to preserve Greater Israel’s proper identity.

However, there are others, myself included, who “believe” that impending regional climate change will force multi-millions of people to obliterate borders to seek sufficient fresh water to live.

The Lord allegedly gave Abraham, a refugee from Mesopotamia, “deed” to the future Holy Land because of disputed claims over a water well in the desert. Contemporary Israelis and Palestinians both should get their collective heads out of that Biblical hole in the sand and prepare for the millions of present and future refugee “Abrahams” who will come. Declare mutual armistice now and together build the infrastructure to sustain themselves and newcomers - particularly lots more effective facilitys to “freshen” drinkable water.

Were the US to insist that formerly only military aid to Israel be spent for mutual life-sustaining projects with the Palestinians, much good could result. If the American defense industry broadened its present cooperative arrangements with Israel’s defense industry to engineer and build better life-sustaining technologys, even more good could result: profits of the world’s most lucrative military-industrial complex weaned from swords to plowshares (at least, somewhat); innovative development that America will also need to cope with climate-induced droughts and consequent population displacements.


A self-described eternal optimist, Peres says he doesn’t like to think of the past, calling it a "waste of time."

Unfortunately, most members of tribal societies (such as Middle Easterners) spend much of their day nursing long-term grudges, such as the time your great-grandfather was mean to my great-grandfather. Or whether this relative or that relative of Muhammed should have been put in charge.

True,ever so true!