Discussion: Ex-cop arrested in sadistic crime spree from '70s and '80s

A psychology professor told our class many years ago the only difference between most cops and criminals was a badge.


I have been utterly fascinated and terrified by this guy for decades! That’s amazing they caught him! I can’t wait for every last detail to come out.


My therapist said the same thing. He didn’t think all that highly of surgeons either.


The author of a book about this case died but was getting close.


I have real problems with most doctors and how they distance themselves from their patients because I suppose they cannot be emotionally invested in each one or they’d become useless over time. On the plus side, they take that lack of emotion into the OR, turn on their robotic side, their medical training kicks in and do great jobs. Before they hand you over to nurses and assistants of all kinds and make an appt. to see you six months later.

As littlegirlblue notes above, this case was the subject of crime writer Michelle McNamera’s last book and some of the leads she was developing played a role in breaking this case. McNamera was the late wife of comic Patton Oswalt.


DeAngelo was fired from the Auburn department in 1979 after being arrested for stealing a can of dog repellant and a hammer from a drug store, according to Auburn Journal articles from the time. He was convicted of the theft and fined $100.

Wow, we live in different times. Now, cops can shoot someone on the job and not get fired.


He looks like a nice mouth breather.

The wave of horrifying crimes had brought an end to a more innocent era in the Sacramento suburbs when children rode bicycles to school, played outside until dark and people didn’t lock their doors,

For me the saddest part of this is the loss of trust, innocence and freedom to be comfortable in a community, it take a good deal of effort to approach regaining this, Sadly most communities become polarized.

I’m glad he was finally uncovered, the damage he did forty or so years ago though… how does that get unwoven?


Interesting timing. Discovery ID just re-aired a multi-part documentary on the Golden State Killer today. I wonder if tips from the original airing a few weeks ago had anything to do with the breakthrough.

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We have this former cop aka Golden State killer as well as a few others to thank for the rise in helicopter parenting.
Ah, missing the calm playful “Seasons in the sun” 1970’s.

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A sawbuck says that this guy is a trump supporter. Loud…check…Profane…check…Yep, dude is a trumper.

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I’m a little bothered by some language in this article, given that the man they arrested hasn’t been convicted, and the public doesn’t even really have much in the way of evidence. We shouldn’t be asking victims how they feel “now that the killer is behind bars” just because this suspect has been arrested. We shouldn’t be referring to the suspect as the East Area Rapist until we’ve proven that’s who he is. We shouldn’t be calling this “an achievement” and letting the prosecutors & investigators start their victory lap when they don’t have a conviction.

Maybe the prosecutors have him dead to rights. They say they’ve got a DNA match, but to what? How certain are they that the DNA collected back in the day was the criminal’s, and not someone else’s?

The guy doesn’t sound like a great dude. But if he turns out to be innocent, I wouldn’t want to be him after the trial.

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