Discussion: Ex-Clinton Press Secretary: I'd Bet Hillary Won't Run For President

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If Hillary doesn’t run she’s going to be remembered as the biggest tease since Sarah Palin.

If she isn’t doing it, she damn well ought to say so ASAP and free up some effing oxygen for other potential candidates.


How can she not run? Just fueling speculation.

Personally, I don’t see her running.

She’ll run. This is just more bait-and-switch to keep the GOP operatives hanging fire. Those guys still don’t understand that the reason Bill C won (twice), and Obama won (twice), and Hillary will win (twice), is that smarts & strategic genius will trump pandering fanaticism every time. They win because they’re smarter than Rove and the rest of the Klown Kar.


All potential candidates are waiting until after this November to announce their intentions,as they should. The fact that she hasn’t announced that she’s not running means she is at least still considering it,as she should be.


I’m tempted to accuse McMurry of ageism – thinking that Hillary doesn’t have the energy to run because she’s soooooo old. Nonsense!

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The day Hillary Clinton will announce she is not running, it will be one great day for the Nation.

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Glenn Rice doesn’t think she is a tease.

HRC is running.
Her timing is always impeccable.
She learned from the best-- or taught him.

Further, I simply can’t believe she’d allow the conjecture to go on-- and weaken (D)s chances to establish a frontrunner well in advance of the 2016 campaign season.

As for McCurry’s blathering?
Foundation work-- or 1st Female POTUS?
I’ll take setting an historical precedent in HRC’s case.


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Given field of Repug challengers, she won’t have to run. She can walk. Har har har.


Pretty sure you meant Aryan Nation-- no?




While all presidential campaigns are grueling, she’ll have the benefit of not facing any real primary competition.

they’re smarter…
By far.
It was only 4 months ago that the smart GOP guys were thinking Christie was their savior.
They thought the same about Palin for ~10 fateful minutes in 2008.
Now which one is it?


“But if Hillary did run, McCurry does believe she’d been a “formidable” candidate.”
Does TPM have even one proofreader or editor? It’s getting painful to read.


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I would “take a bet” that Hillary won’t run, if somebody were willing to give me the right odds. It’d have to be 10:1 or better for me to start thinking about it.
Mike McCurry is just putting noise out there. There’s no chance that Hillary would prefer her work at the Clinton Foundation over a Presidential bid.

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Has he become a Republican?

That sure would make it easier for a Republican to just segue right into the White House, wouldn’t it?