Discussion: Ex-Christie Aide's BridgeGate Documents Are Released (READ)

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elections have consequences, NJ deserves this embarrassing side show.

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I’m not gonna read through that whole thing, but the parts I skimmed were pretty fascinating. As an armchair political pundit, I realize more and more that the job of politicians is about 75% raising money, 23% political posturing and coalition building and about 2% legislating. Considering that they are only paid to legislate, I think 98% of their salaries should be returned to tax payers.


The wolves are putting the sheep out to dry .

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Tick, tock, tick, tock. People are talking to the investigators and deals are being made. Will Chris Christie survive? Will he be indicted and jailed.

KARL ROVE: Chris, don’t forget to take a deep breath before you sink!


Or, we just take money out of politics entirely. Ban all political advertising and let the voters decide through a series of free, unsponsored media debates and online position statements.

Of course, that’s such a fuggin’ fantasy, I might as well just be a Christian.


I hereby swear to uphold the Constitution of the United States… unless some Mayor in New Jersey pisses me off ! !

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So, in other words, all the smoke that MSNBC in general and Rachel Maddow in particular have blown out of their rear ends for weeks on end about this supposed Christie “Bridge scandal” was just…smoke. No kidding!!! Whatever happened to Hoboken mayor…what’s her name again?

Drip, drip, drip…95% of this NJ thing will come out eventually…

I’m not sure he can sink.