Discussion: Even Deep Red States Don't Want Obamacare Repealed

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By improving instead of repealing, these Southerners mean allowing it to roll out and cover people.


Wonder what the latest FOXNews polls say? :smiley:

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Put a fork in the O-care obstructionism, cons, it’s doneyou lost.

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Who could have predicted that providing health insurance for working families was a politically valuable move?

I mean besides, you know, every fucking person in America with a brain?


Would that this was the case. SCOTUS hasn’t ruled on Hobby Lobby yet, and even if Roberts pulls another fast one on “his kind”, I think that’ll just make the lunatics even loonier.


Clearly, the disparity between the ACA’s approval numbers and repeal numbers indicates that many of those who disapprove of the law think that it does not go far enough. That is not a meme one is likely to hear at the 500s and 1300s on the AM dial.

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The GOP looks real stupid trying to repeal this very good law. They deserve to have their asses handed to them, in this November’s election.

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As we used to say when we were kids, the anti-Obamacare GOPers feel " busted."