Discussion: EU Says Trade Differences Remain Despite G-20 Talks

“…trade differences temain”

So THAT’S where my ‘T’ went!


Temain, Remain, Let’s Call the Whole Thing Off!

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What’s really sad, is that these tariff wars that have been sparked and set in motion by tRump and his “anti-globalist”, neo-nazi Bannonites and Machiavellian Russian handlers.

All of this is self-inflicted nonsense built on big stakes and an economic house of cards because it has no real foundation in today’s global economy. We have been the beneficiary of the current economic framework since WW2, but apparently that’s not good enough for tRump’s criminal enterprise.

tRump doesn’t understand macro-economics any more than he understands how the average consumer and company in the US functions when they buy and sell goods. He only knows real estate (barely) and branding his ugly gaudy gilded name across everything. He’s a terrible businessman, always has been, and now he’s letting a bad bunch of halfwits he calls his economic advisors tell him how to manipulate the economy in our favor. None of them know what they’re doing. To them, its a fucking game of moving pawns on a chess board, busywork to some degree, with everyone’s pocketbook at risk and in tow, without ever considering the endgame. Sure, anyone who is filthy rich will survive these badly devised economic moves, but the rest of us will be stuck yet again paying the price for these high-minded idiots and their pretensions.


So far Mnuchin’s efforts to down play the trade war and Trump’s clownish tweets have kept the story firmly on the business pages, but once the media catches wind of what Trump is doing it could be the last straw among people who are losing their jobs many of whom are Trump’s supporters. Trump better hope that he can continue misdirecting the media with outrageous diversions. The trade war is ramping up and it doesn’t look like we are going to win.

Personally I am really worried about my retirement. I will be out of the job force in a very few years. I don’t have another decade to rebuild my retirement.

“That’s why EU President Jean-Claude Juncker and EU Trade Commissioner Cecilia Malmstrom will meet with Trump” in Washington D.C. next week, he (Pierre Moscovici) said. “We hope this meeting will be productive and successful.”

Pierre, y’all should hope in one hand, and spit in the other. See which one gets filled up first.