Discussion: Ethics Body Won't Certify Final Pruitt Disclosure Report Over Condo Deal

Hmm. “We couldn’t interview him, because he resigned, so we won’t rule on it (certify, or otherwise), and oh well.”

So that is “Ethics rulings” in the era of Trump? I feel like I am missing something. Is there some evidence that other folks in DC are able to secure such affordable housing, on such favorable conditions, in which case MAYBE this isn’t so sketchy. Then add in the lobbyist/wife/owner/landlord connection. But he has to be interviewed in order to make a judgement? How about he declines to interview, and therefor declines the opportunity to give information that may shed light in a more positive way - and thus it is his disadvantage not to interview.

Or perhaps something is flying right over my head that I just don’t understand.


All they can really do is certify or not certtify. They’re not a prosecuting or investigative agency, they’re more like accountants who either sign saying they audited a company’s financial statements and they’re OK, or don’t. The ostensible investigatory agency, the EPA IG, went in the tank, and the DoJ is run by republicans…

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According to Airbnb, the going rate for a luxury condo is $250+ per night, so, the deal with the lobbyist is obviously a legitimate arm’s length arrangement—not.

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