Discussion: ESPN Host Apologizes On-Air For Saying Women Shouldn't 'Provoke' Domestic Violence (VIDEO)

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Somebody found it hard to get some this weekend. And had an epiphany because of it.


You don’t have to shut up and get me a beer if that offends you.

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His implicitly blaming women for facilitating domestic violence is hardly alone among Smith’s sins. Smith, along with a few other journalists that ESPN inserts into pre/post game and on-court coverage, is a buffoon that degrades the viewing experience. Why journalists that don’t know a thing about elite athletics are allowed such a prominent role is not a credit to American broadcasting.

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More likely he found out he’d have to get out there and get a real job if he didn’t get his ass out there and apologize. Immediately.


Look what he said about Chad Johnson a couple years ago.

“There are plenty of instances where provocation comes into consideration, instigation comes into consideration, and I will be on the record right here on national television and say that I am sick and tired of men constantly being vilified and accused of things and we stop there,” he said at the time, as quoted by Deadspin. “I’m saying, ‘Can we go a step further?’ Since we want to dig all deeper into Chad Johnson, can we dig in deep to her?”

He’s being disingenuous now that he’s “provoked” an outcry. It’s o.k. Nobody believes he didn’t mean exactly what he said. But hopefully he will keep these thoughts to himself and stop justifying violence against women when he’s speaking “on the record” on national t.v. I’m sure there are a lot of impressionable boys watching that show.


Oy. Just shut up already!


It’s like what Jon Steward said about racism. Everybody knows it’s bad. They just don’t know what it is.

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I don’t buy this apology. I think he still believes that women provoke men into bashing them upside their head, it’s just he forgot to use his library voice to share his opinon.

He’ll open his big fat mouth and say something offensive again and then maybe ESPN will realize what an asshoile he really is.


i’m waiting for him to “clearly articulate” what he was trying to say in the first place. he’s run out of weasel words at this point.


He’s gained no further understanding of domestic violence and the women and occasionally men who are victims of it. What he has learned is how to keep a well-paying gig.


Hmmm, I’m thinking deeply closeted and gay, gay, gay.

I imagine ESPN held a gun to his head. He doesn’t seem like the type to go all common-sensical on his own.


I think so, too. He was annoyed and defensive about his remarks this weekend. I’m sure ESPN realized that didn’t play well.


I think this relates to Josh’s comments on another post regarding how we use language. Lets be specific. A woman CAN provoke a man to assault her, and she does so by first assaulting him. I say, if a woman hits a man, he is justified in hitting her back. There is no form of procvocation less than that that is justifiable for any person to hit another person.

Steven A. actually made 3 comments (one Thursday, one Friday, and one today) about this issue on his show, First Take. He had it right at first (Thursday). His take then was that we, the ordinary public, didn’t know everything that transpired in the situation and that not knowing what happened couldn’t say conclusively whether the suspension was just or unjust.

His problem was that on Friday he blinked on the truth while facing the power. He tried to have it both ways. Thus, when the media mob turned on him, he didn’t have the truth to lean on, because he had backed away from it.

By contrast, his counterpart, Skip Bayless, didn’t to have it both ways, he just outright took a wrong position. He said plainly that it didn’t matter to him what Ray’s wife was doing in the elevator even if she was hitting Ray first.

How can it not matter whether a grown person is hitting you or not? It’s one of the very few things that actually does matter. But Skip didn’t waffle; he got on the side of pitchforks.

Steven A. should have just said plainly, “No grown person has the right to hit another. If you hit, you get hit back” and let that be it.

But when you blink you pay for it.

I ventured beyond the scope of our discussion by alluding to a woman’s role in such heinous matters, going so far as to use the word ‘provoke’ in my diatribe,"

These are the words of someone who knows how to use a thesaurus and nothing more.

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I find it hard to watch a sporting event without muting, oftentimes. Frankly I’d much rather hear the sound of the event itself, and the crowd, than the buffoons that can’t shut up who are ostensibly commentating. The fact that sports analysis has reached the 24-hour level is ridiculous.

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Do you think that the woman who hits a man SHOULD get the same response from authorities (law enforcement and press) that the man who hits a woman would get?

Perhaps a more honest statement from him would have been, “my heartfelt opinion on these matters is objectionable to many viewers and my producers, so I am offering a tortured explanation of them masquerading as an apology”