Discussion: Escaped Tarantula Grounds Plane Near Baltimore

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Kind of dumb. This was a business decision ( giving the image of concern ) rather than a needed one. The animal is quite harmless.


I don’t know about that, the baboon tarantula has a pretty nasty bite and is not afraid to use it in defensive positions, like if someone’s foot was moving near it.

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Keep your weirdo hairy spiders to yourself, Baltimore. Atlanta has plenty. We don’t need any more.

And I’m not just saying that because I have to leave my apartment on all fours to avoid angering Shelob Jr living by the hallway light.

We used to get quite a kick out of being “brave” enough to pick up tarantulas at Girl Scout camp.

But I can see not wanting to deal with a bunch of freaked out people who are afraid of them on an airplane in flight.


Why would they have been told anything had the plane taken off with the spider isolated in the cargo hold?

A lively dance by the bitten passenger would prevent serious consequences.

When my daughters were children, we had a pet giant hairy scorpion named Clyde. Clyde dined on meal worms, which he caught and held in his pincers and ate like a kid eating a hot dog without a bun.

One day one of the girls took him to school for a show and tell and dropped the jar which contained him in “full tell”. The jar shattered and Clyde escaped. Chaos ensued to the delight of the children and the horror of the teachers. He buggered off under the door and sadly we never heard from him again. I always hoped he found some peace and contentment, but more than likely he was cannibalized by a “Mrs. Clyde.” Pity that.


Spider Goulash!!

Spiders-by Mail, Yet another web business I missed out on!!!

See? No one believes me when I tell them spiders are evil and trying to take over the world and enslave us. This was just a first step…

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Motherfucking Spiders are on the motherfucking plane.Watch your balls as these things go for the tool and bite hard.

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Baboon spiders aren’t like New World tarantulas, they’re quite aggressive:

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Christ in Heaven! That thing is huge and scary and to be avoided at all costs… :open_mouth:

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