Discussion: Eric Cantor Torches Immigration Reform After Tense Call With Obama

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House GOP leaders said they intended to deal with immigration reform incrementally and Senate Dem leaders agreed to that.

Well now that’s not going to happen because Obama is a big liberal meanie. See? We’re not friends anymore.


Senate Dems agreement to do that was brilliant. Any incremental bill passed by the House can be amended by the Senate. Either way it’s done or not done,House GOPs are screwed. They put themselves there too. I don’t think the midterms are gonna be as good for GOPs as they think it’s gonna be. Then they’re really gonna be screwed.


Poor Eric always the victim. When he gets all partisan it just business, when Obama does he’s being mean to us.


He accused the president of engaging in “partisan messaging” and offered no indication that the House intends to act on the issue.
And Cantor is never partisan as we all know. ((shakes head))

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js, the only thing a repub can do is play victim. It’s the equivalent of a 3 yr old tossing a hissy fit.

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CANT-OR was looking for any excuse to derail immigration reform.

What a whiny, spiteful, cowardly little punk. Can’t take a punch worth a damn.