Discussion: EPA IG: Scott Pruitt's 24/7 Security Team Was Incredibly Expensive, Unjustified

He was afraid that all pissed off chipmunks and rabbits were out to get even.


Pruitt was play-acting as somebody Important because he has huge ambitions for himself. He wants to be a Senator, then President. Even so, these escapades probably make him politically Impotent now more than anything else.


Good timing to release this right at the start of the Kavanaugh hearing’s.


In a normal world, Pruitt would be thoroughly discredited and disgraced by now and un-electable even as dog catcher. In a normal world. But wait for it: Pruitt for President 2024.


Well, at least he was given time for find a suitable hidey hole before this was released.

Anyone know where he is now? BugTussle, Oklahoma?


After refusing to justify the re-assignments for over a year, the EPA eventually told the inspector general’s office that the same law allowing EPA agents to investigate environmental crimes allows agents to be re-assigned to protect the administrator.

Sure. Because investigating environmental crimes uses many of the same words as protecting an environmental criminal.

On the brighter side, they were at least keeping a close eye, 24x7, on the whereabouts of one of their chief suspects. Oh, I’m sorry, that should read suspect chief.

The OIG took no position on the merits of that legal opinion.

Because gasping for breath is not a “position”.


Much of the report dealt with the authority EPA leadership claimed allowed them to deputize security personnel who otherwise investigated environmental crimes and re-assign them to protect Pruitt.

Win-win for corruption.


So, what now?

Does Pruitt pay any penalty? I.e. will there be justice?
Will regulations change to prevent this kind of thing in the future? I.e. will anyone learn anything?

If the republic falls, it really won’t matter whether there’s a thoroughly-researched report published in 100 years documenting every excruciating step. We need fucking remedies.


He’ll have to get through Kris Kobach first.

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It would be fair to send him a bill for whatever is deemed unnecessary relative to what has been spent in the past. I realize that won’t happen but federal appointees who waste taxpayer money should be held responsible. Hitting them in the pocketbooks would be a good start – then indict them for falsifying justifications for exorbitant expenses.


Come on, sooner, you know Bugtussle is one word!

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Just wanted to see if you’d catch it.

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That is astounding, as is the IG’s apparent avoidance of a conclusion on this issue. Surely the EPA’s primary responsibilities are to investigate “environmental crimes” and to propose new rules concerning the protection of our environment and natural resources, not to conduct security details for the administrator. Surely it is a shoddy conservatard explanation for malfeasance in office while its true purpose could be viewed as intentional chipping away at its mandated duties.

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“incurred over $3.5 million in costs from February 1, 2017, through December 31, 2017

Plus $106,500
Plus $43,000
Plus $3,000
Plus how much more does he owe us? You let his grifting go on and on , even after he had been repeatedly called out on his scandals. WE WANT EVERY DIME BACK!!!