Discussion: EPA Hails Victory At Supreme Court

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The two dissenting justices were Clarence Thomas and Antonin Scalia

But not in that order.

Thomas: Pssssttttt… How’d you vote on this?

Scalia: Against.

Thomas: Thanks.


Sheesh, is there no cause in American history that could be identified in any way as “liberal” that Scalia and Thomas wouldn’t vote against in knee jerk fashion?!?


That’s why they need to “save all those babies”, so they can breathe in that fresh, coal air.


This is the same Supreme Court, more or less, that upheld the EPA’s regulation of greenhouse gasses.

They haven’t been so terrible on the environment. Or maybe their record in that field just looks good in comparison with, say, voting rights.


Despite Scalia and his sidekick Silent Thomas the EPA prevailed on this one. YES!


Here’s an excellent graphic and chart showing the disposal of Coal Ash Waste around the country and the environmental disasters created by Dirty Energy Industries. Its put out by the Sierra Club. An environmental accident tends to happen about every 4-5 days in the US since these Dirty Energy Companies have been allowed to operate with carte blanche in anticipation of this decision. They’ve managed to get away with avoiding responsibility by and large, and the fines don’t even begin to compensate the overwhelming damage these companies are doing. The chart begins in Jan. '13 and goes to present. Check it out…



Hah! When I saw the vote was 6-2, I thought, “Probably Thomas and Scalia.” Not that it was terribly hard to come to that conclusion…

The two dissenting justices were Clarence Thomas and Antonin Scalia. aka the Toxic Twins.

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Why didn’t Alito take a position in this case…He seems to have recused himself. Once again the article leaves out an important fact that could easily be offered to the reader to give a more complete account. What? Did he have major stock holdings in these dirty energy companies? Inquiring minds want to know…


Wood it be too much to ask that you give us the name of the (&^&(] case? R.I.P. journalism.

Don’t you need to add Alito the fascist to that list?

The fact that we have to fight for clean air and water is sad.


Thomas is completely a given, and sure, Scalia not far behind.

FWIW, and it ain’t much, Scalia is pretty good on protecting what’s left of the Fourth Amendment after two decades of chipping by the Berger and Rehnquist Courts. He’s capable of lapsing back into the kind of ideological hackery dressed up as principle that marks the rest of his jurisprudence if the right buttons get pressed, but, by and large, he’s pretty good on the Fourth.

Thomas, on the other hand, is just a whackadoodle crank, grimly fighting on and on for his very own personal interpretation of the Constitution that’s at odds with both the entire body of case law developed since John Marshal and Joseph Story’s 's day and the opinions even of the other conservative judges. Never should have been confirmed simply because he was a crank.

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This happened because six justices are still air-breathers.

A disqualifier in any future confirmation hearings in a GOP-led Senate.

What a shock … Scalia and Thomas the dissenting justices. snark

Well I’ll be darned. It appears that the Supreme Court just may have gotten one right this term.

Wondering if these (4) corporate federalist clowns and once fence rider, are having music piped into their chambers, like an old Pete Seeger traditional (pick one) or Jakob Dylan’s Down in a Hole, or some of Bob Dylan’s earlier efforts?

The two dissenting justices were Clarence Thomas and Antonin Scalia.

Bush v. Gore (2000)

  1. Thomas’ wife worked on the Bush Transition Team.
  2. Scalia’s son worked for the law firm representing Bush.

Neither recused themselves.

All rise for the National Anthem.