Discussion: Entrance Polls: Three-Way Race Between Trump, Cruz, Rubio, Close Dem Race

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You mean Ben Carson isn’t a dark horse? sorry

No news yet…

In other words, the nominees for POTUS won’t be chosen tonight.

Hard to believe, I know.


No, but you are an a%%

CSPAN-2 is inside a demo caucus in Des Moines

JEB! flew home this afternoon. Didn’t even stick around to thank his supporters. The Bush parents have class. Pity it didn’t make it into the next generation.


ABC is also broadcasting some live footage from one of the Democratic caucuses. Which at this point is basically footage of a bunch of people standing around chatting politely and looking at their phones. Not clear to me that they’ve broken into groups yet.

“On the Democratic side, the race appears tight between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.” Interesting that CBS said it was 53-40-3 Clinton/Sanders/OMalley right at 8 pm. Quite a different take on the numbers.


“I see one whittle wee wee…” ♩ ♪ ♫ ♬

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Disclaimer: I do not darken huffpost’s door; A friend sent me this


From the Guardian, which has a pretty good live blog, by the way, comes a prime example of a precinct where O’Malley supporters could make the difference:

Dan Roberts: “I’m at a school hall in southern suburb of Des Moines – Democratic Precinct No 81 –where we’re at 63 for Sanders, 62 for Clinton, six undecided, five for O’Malley … and shuffling.”

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Sounds like Rubio may overperform?

From that same update:

I’m at the state historical society in Des Moines, which is a caucus site for a number of precincts. Situated near Drake University, it should be a Bernie stronghold. But I’ve just been told they’ve run out of registration papers, which suggests a bigger turnout than expected. They’ve just told the delegates to line up for their candidates. “Hillary is the revolution,” says one supporter. Unconsciously channelling Trump, an underdog supporter says “O’Malley will make America great again.” Bernie’s folks beckoned their comrades by yelling, simply, “Feel the Bern!” So far, it could hardly be closer: Hillary at 79, Sanders at 77, O’Malley at right, and two non-committed.

I dont care who wins on the GOP side, I just want Snarly to not get one vote. I want her ugly soul to get creamed!!


Well if there is one thing that can unite ardent Clinton and Sanders supporters, I think you may have tapped into it. :wink:

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I saw that.

No doubt by now you’re seeing the early results – at the moment, with 11% of precincts reporting, Hillary ahead 53-46. Of course a couple minutes ago with 6% in, Trump was leading in the Republican race, but with the latest block of votes coming in, Cruz is just about tied. I think I’ll go crack a beer and ignore the incoming results for a little while until most are in…that is, assuming I can resist the urge to peek. :wink:

[Standard Disclaimer: This commenter wishes it to be known that in November he or she plans to vote for the Democratic nominee, whoever that turns out to be, and will encourage their fellow primary candidate supporters to do likewise.]


It is going to be see-sawing (particularly on the GOP) all night I think.

Any idea what kind of precincts tend to report first in Iowa?


BTW, digging your disclaimer. A sentiment I share.