Discussion: 'Eloquent Rebuke' To Trump Expected In Obama's Speech Honoring Mandela

I am still raging when i think how t* and wife are more valued/respected, by rethugs, than this eloquent man and his family.


Happening right now


I fear we will never see such a man again in our lifetime.


“apartheid, South Africa’s harsh system of white minority rule.”

Sounds like somewhere I know…


Yesterday we had Trump and Putin standing together, now we are seeing the opposing team: Obama and Mandela.

Unfortunately, only on a moral and philosophical basis.

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Maybe trumpp and wife and the rest of the kleptocracy are not in fact respected or valued but only tolerated. It’s nepotism like we’ve never seen before but we’re stuck with them for them foreseeable future.


I just hope the world still remember the fact we did elect this man as our president.


We will. I know things seem dark now, but dark times forge greatness. Just don’t give up hope, and keep working to move us all forward, and we will see a new generation of hope and change.


I miss him so much.

Has the word “eloquent” ever been used in connection with Donald Trump? No.



Obama has always operated with the objective of being a “statesman”, an “advocate for democracy” and a proponent of freedom throughout the world.

Trump has always been a n egotistical sleazeball piece of scum who’s every action mimics that of a hostile take-over artist or organized crime boss.


Saints were not Saints when it was easy to be Saints.


Thank god he wasn’t wearing a tan suit or it would have bumped the whole Trump/Putin story out of the news.


As much as I was relieved at his election and admire his abilities, I think it’s important to remember that Obama was not worthy of blanket veneration (and no president should ever get that, in my opinion). He continued many of Bush’s worst policies while delivering the goods in some other areas. Got to hold them all accountable.

That said, every time Obama speaks, it’s an “eloquent rebuke” of the orange hellbeast.


Barack Obama brought hope to this country, and for a lot of us we were proud to know that this singular democratic country was being led by a man who could possibly turn our aspirations into something concrete. He had prepared for this job for a long time, and his role model was Lincoln from whom he drew inspiration.

His administration was a productive one for the good of the country, and it was those very positive changes and philosophies that PP ran on in order to wipe them out and reverse them to the best of his ability, and we see now his choice of role model is a dictator.


You will not hear Trump make an unforced positive statement about Mandela

Trump is constantly cultivating support from the hate-filled racist faction of the population that has, for years, been cutting & pasting diatribes about how Mandela was nothing more than a criminal - and should be despised …

Trump will stroke these cretins and curry favor with them in every way possible - he is going to rely upon them & their stock pile of arms & ammo … and he is incrementally psychologically shepherding them further & into his camp with each individual absurd pronouncement - inch after inch after inch … and eventually inches become feet, yards, miles & eventually - he & they will go from random bigoted utterances … to robustly speaking fluent NAZI … and random guerilla squad armed assaults of minorities …


Good lord, that was refreshing! Thank you, Mr. President, for reminding us what a leader looks and sounds like. May that orange buffoon rot in hell.


Nobody ever completely agrees with or approves of anyone else (or even themselves for that matter). Whether spouses, children, parents, heroes, politicians, saints, popes, princes or presidents, there are things that meet our expectations or disappoint us, that delight us or drive us insane with rage. There is NOBODY, I don’t care who it is, who is worthy of blanket veneration. All of us fall short somehow, somewhere, sometime. All of us. Period.

I think the one thing that we can all agree on is that Obama understood and respected the office that he occupied, that whether you agreed with his decisions or not, he acted not in a selfish fashion or in pursuit of raw power but with a sense of history and America’s place in the world.

Now we have an egocentric maniac, the puppet of a hostile foreign power, for whom power is to be abused for personal gain, the country be damned.

Obama’s very existence alone is an “elegant rebuke” of the Current Occupant, a.k.a., the Un-American President.


Well said indeed. He certainly got that what he was doing was more than running a self-aggrandizement scheme.


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