Discussion: Elijah Cummings Scolds Fox Reporter In Baltimore: 'Let's Go Home!' (VIDEO)

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Not as interesting as the guy who pulled Geraldo’s chain and declined to beat him with it.

Good for Congressman Cummings. The man is actually doing something for his community. Fox News is just getting in the way.


Someday America will wake up and Americans will see what a bunch of dupes they’ve been. America…YOU let a foreigner into your country and did nothing as he went about sabotaging political discourse and YOUR future. He polluted journalism from California to Connecticut and there is now no media without his taint on it. You let a pig of a foreigner…with no reason to be loyal to the USA …set you back so far you may never fully recover.

It may sound hyperbolic but FOX came on the scene and down America went. You can’t solve your problems because FOX doesn’t want you too. Hell, FOX created most of those problems. You can’t talk to some of your family members or neighbors anymore because FOX doesn’t want you too and filled those folks full of bullshit hate. American’s hate each other more now than any other time and all because a fucking foreigner ( hooked up with a Saudi Sheik ) wants it that way. A foreigner America…a fucking foreigner that did not apply for US citizenship out of love of the USA but because it was business necessity. That business…making you and your family’s life suck. Really suck.

You’re the first generation to live in a declining America. And you can’t get enough of that fucking foreigner.


Who knew the foreigner was Murdoch and not Obummer?!? It’s a shame what he does to countries around the world with his media empire. Its why we dont see the liberal israeli’s on TV and just the conservative lets blow up everyone types, but, when you go there the average person’s views (and many of those in the army) are way more liberal than you would ever know.


Some countries, not this one, have limited him from destroying their life. Canada for instance.


While I agree with much of what you said, your repeated emphasis on Murdoch being a foreigner smacks of xenophobia. I’m more troubled by his being a racist ideologue and plutocrat than with his nationality, which doesn’t signify anything more than the geographic location of his birth. I’ve spent some time in Australia and didn’t notice any inherent anti-American sentiment associated with simply being Australian.


I am a foreigner…speaking English as a second language but I know what xenophobia means. You should look it up.

My guess is you have noticed how nativist and averse the FOX crowd is to foreigners? They tried for years to portray Obama as one and unfit to lead because of it. “stand up for America…be American”…“welcome to America …now speak English”…" illegal immigrant"…“the threat on the other side of the border”…

I know you get all that. My point, devoid of xenophobia ( I did not make any negative statement of foreigners in general ) was to point out how much these clowns have been duped by a foreigner manipulating them.


Ahh it seems as if the GOP infotainment complexs branding of the events in Baltimore as the fault of the protesters is not takng hold or gain magnitude…nice

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Now the Fright Wing media is pushing the false narrative that Freddy Gray somehow magically was able to sever his own spine while chained up in the back of a police van. The lengths they will go to blame the victim is absolutely appalling.


I don’t know a single person who watches Fox News. Not a single one. The problem is the fact that America allowed the Fairness Doctrine to be repealed and now we have Fox polluting the airwaves like you say. However, they really only speak to one demographic, old white people who are generally scared of the world and whose fear is magnified daily by Fox.


I’m also a foreigner . . . an American who’s spent most of the last 20 years living outside the U.S., currently in the Asia-Pacific region. It’s late here and I’m on my 2nd cocktail and I should have picked up on what you were doing with your comment. Peace.

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Leland looks like he’s begging for a old school Baltimore street beat down.

What a bunch of idiots. Why are they on the air. Why does America support FOX news? Why does America support this bigotry? Americans who watch and support them are part of their bigotry.

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It occurred to me watching Geraldo the other night that maybe the solution is just to walk between the interviewer and the camera en masse. Separate the two and Fox’s power radically diminishes.

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Lucky you. Your extended family must be more evolved than mine.


Or this??

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You may not know anyone who watches Fox, but there are enough of them to believe the bullshit being spewed and guess what = they vote


“We’re just asking questions!”

A know a lot of young white racists too. They are not all old.