Discussion: Efforts To Lift Russia's Ban On Adoptions By Americans May Be Hindered With Trump Jr. Scandal

More than four years after it was imposed, Russia’s ban on adoptions by Americans is back in the news,

Imposed by whom? The article goes on to say:

any efforts by President Donald Trump’s administration to get the ban lifted might now be more complicated

What efforts? With congress? The reader is lead to believe that the US could deal with this, if people would only think of the poor orphans. If the Trump admin didn’t have its hands tied by all that attention to that meeting.

Then, finally, buried half-way through:

Signed by Russian President Vladimir Putin in December 2012, the ban served as retaliation for a U.S. law targeting alleged Russian human-rights violators.

Wait a minute - it’s a Russian law? Under Putin’s control to continue or not? Linked to the torture sanctions by the Russians, not the US? But then we’re right back to passive voice, both sides-ism, and implication that the US is the culpable party.

I’ll note that this is an AP story but to be fair they’re hardly alone with this. Russian propaganda appears to have been successful.

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