Discussion: Earnest: Obama Would Veto Keystone Pipeline Bill

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Good to know…at least for now. With the price of oil in free fall, would the backers still want to push ahead
with the project? The costs of extraction and processing just to get something that can be moved via the pipeline
are higher than many other means. Would be super karma if Congress managed to expend capital to push it past a veto, only to have the whole thing collapse because the economics don’t work.


That’s not super karma - it’s just a typical outcome for a conservative ‘solution’.


Yes but the GOP don’t need to look at the practical nature of a project. Does it benefit their benefactors is the important object.


There was an article yesterday on the website politicususa.com that said Democrats are hoping to add amendments to the Keystone bill that would make it more of a jobs bill, such as requiring that the steel, iron, etc. be American made and sourced, that significant support be granted to renewable energy projects, that the Canadian firm be prohibited from using eminent domain to acquire land needed to site the pipeline, that the oil produced not be exported but sold here domestically, that funding be restored to the energy assistance programs in the original 2009 Stimulus, with priority for seniors and veterans, and some other items that probably would not receive Republican support.
I haven’t seen this anywhere else, so can’t verify it, but here is the link: http://www.politicususa.com/2015/01/05/keystone-xl-backfires-republicans-democrats-move-turn-pipeline-real-jobs-bill.html


This oil price free fall will not last forever, it will go up again.

What I want to know is what Senate Democrats would vote to send this to the President and why?

After the Saudis have smoked out the small producers in the US, they’ll up the price again.


Yeah, and we have to repay the KOCH Bros by passing this bill.

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Do you think any of these amendments would receive repub support? Really?

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No, I don’t, but if the Republicans vote these items down it could be revealing.


One of the myths that the Republicans are touting in their bend-over to Big Oil is that the Keystone XL project will create American jobs. The majority of these will be short term just like the Alaska pipeline unless new refineries are constructed.

Cornell study on Keystone XL jobs

I hope that the Democrats attach as many riders as possible to this unnecessary project.



The permanent jobs (less than 100?) are simply not there and oil will be in the tank well into 2016.

Companies that were riding the boom prices, will be cutting back so marginal projects like this are fading because of cost to sell ratio.

What Murkowski is doing seems archaic given her own state’s history with oil as a lynchpin for growth proving the oligarchs still have a seat at the table. She’s got a lot more trouble at home and this seems a diversion: http://www.latimes.com/nation/

In Texas, look out for falling derricks as well and welcome to past as prologue in the wonder of gravel roads because nothing smells like success like a state’s economy being gut shot.

Not to mention POTUS has already said this is a state’s rights issue for the time being, in the courts.

Does this congress not understand how much transportation infrastructure could be restored or constructed at the cost of the keystone shale oil pipeline? It’s just another privatization of profits and nationalization of losses scam just like Iraq…

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The current Congress will in fact be the mouthpiece and the purveyor of the Koch’s agenda. The Koch’s bought and paid for the seats in Congress, so in the long run the Congress will be working for the Koch’s rather than the people whom they’ve been elected to serve.


Which pretty much guarantees it’s the first thing they’re going to do:

Then boom…veto.

Then 2 years of “why won’t the GOP/Teeatrolls do anything about the economy with their control of congress?”

Followed by “We did try and the POTUS vetoed it so fuck all of you for two years.”

Followed by the MSM saying “oh yeah…boy we sure wish the Dems and Obama hadn’t ruined the next 2 years.”

Why is it the government never creates jobs, unless it’s via a bill the GOP wants?

Well, Nebraska’s supreme court just ruled that the landowners had no standing and that TransCanada could force them to sell their property under a law enacted by the governor in 2012.

So one big hurdle is out of the way.