Discussion: Early Trump Supporters On The Hill Grapple With Their Embattled Candidate

"I wish I could tell you where the problem is . . . " Um, well, yeah, maybe it’s . . . eh, whatever.


She’s utterly fucking clueless. Breathtaking.


[Former Sen. Scott Brown (R-MA) noted that there are still more than 90 days until the election and that Trump’s campaign has time.

The election is not tomorrow," Brown told TPM in an e-mail. “Both sides have work to do. When I compare HRC to Trump, I’ll take Trump every time.”]

Brown had better hope that no one writes this down, because it will define him historically, especially as someone who represented a Blue state.


“I think we have had a couple of bad days, and I want to see a change in*
that. I want to see Donald Trump get on message. I want him to stay on

And what message is that, Renee? The message of hate, fear, racism, xenophobia, homophobia, misogyny, or the praising of dictators? Since you still have faith in him, tell us Renee, tell us!


The election is not tomorrow," Brown told TPM in an e-mail. “Both sides have work to do. When I compare HRC to Trump, I’ll take Trump every time.

Every time? Wow. So when Trump disparages a military family that’s ok. When he makes fun of disabled people, ok. When he makes racist and sexist comments, that’s ok. When he advocates for a foreign power to steal private information from our citizens, it’s ok.

I’ll never stop being amazed at how craven and disgusting many people in the Republican party can be.


I suggest that she ask her gardener. Preferably if he already plans on leaving her employ.


Thank the goddess that the interwebs are forever.


I wish I could tell you where the problem is

We know, it’s at the very heart of the Republican party.

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“I want him to stay on message…” See your problem is you don’t seem to realize he is “on message” and it’s not going to change.


None of these Republican geniuses can figure out what the problem is? It’s not the campaign; although it really isn’t a campaign in the classic sense. It’s the candidate.
How can you change the candidate? You wanted him. You got him. You’re stuck with him.


The election is not tomorrow," Brown told TPM in an e-mail. “Both sides have work to do. When I compare HRC to Trump, I’ll take Trump every time.”

Excellent! Embrace that millstone, and dive, dive dive!


To all you GOP wibbly-wobbly fence-sitters: Vote for the Crook, It’s Important


I am beginning to understand more the depth of what the Republican Party has harnessed. I believe that

  • the numbers of people

  • the intensity

  • the depth of feeling

of those who vote GOP were harnessed and their embers of feeling fanned into flames which could have been led to more constructive directions. Racism and xenophobia, laced with fear of the unknown are the most effective ways to assure continued dominance of the 0.001%.

That’s the Game

If everyone was the same colour and religion it would have been so much harder. In truth, without minorities and “others” to hate, the GOP would have had to invent other methods to make perfectly normal people vote against their own economic interests. Everyone who is behind the GOP eight ball knows this. I have spoken to latino gardeners and black truck drivers and their assessment of the utility of racism, hate and xenophobia closely matches what social analysts have been saying since the days of Robert Ezra Park.

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I’m glad she’s gone and I’m hoping her even worse republican replacement loses in Hillary’s landslide if my fellow Ds in NC get off their asses and vote this year.

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He added later that some were growing “very, very worried” about what they are seeing from Trump and that there is a sense that Trump has “wasted a great opportunity.”

All Trump did was act like Trump. You, your racist voters and your stumblefuck organization, wasted whatever opportunity there might have been.

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Another blonde bimbo for Trump.

Trump does seem to have a way with third tier former nude models . . .

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We don’t know what to do right now," the chief said on the condition of anonymity

For once in your life, just try to do the right thing.


Every time they say “I want Trump to get on message and stay on it…” I point out that he’s been remarkable consistent in his messaging. Just because he isn’t using their talking points, doesn’t mean he’s off message. You just don’t like his message.

Unfortunately for you, about 55%-60% of the voting public doesn’t like it either.