Discussion: Dwyane Wade: Trump Used My Cousin’s Death ‘For Political Gain’ (VIDEO)

I understand Wade’s desire to have “eyes on the city”, because gun violence in Chicago is a major problem that needs to be addressed.

Except Trump offers no hope, no solution, and frankly, doesn’t really care. He thought he saw an opportunity and cheaply used a tragedy to help his flailing campaign, then blithely moved on to demagoging immigrants.


No lie. Because with Cheeto Jesus, it’s all about the Orange.


Thank you for speaking out, D-Wade. It had to be said…


Sorry for your loss, Dwyane, and for the city you love.


I think that Wade is trying to spin this as best he can but unsuccessfully. There was no more discussion about Chicago’s senseless, pervasive violence driven by Rump’s outburst than there was before. They’re still back at square one.


Yep, and not a peep from other athletes like Aaron Rodgers, Nate Boyer or Drew Brees, who are too busy lecturing a black guy, Colin Kaepernick, for sitting down during the national anthem.

One is far more disgusting than the other ever could be…except for white people, of course. They don’t give a shit about this guy’s loss (“well, that’s how those people are anyway”) but they do take the time to critcize another black person for fucking sitting down during an anthem.


A subsequent tweet offered “condolences” to Wade and his family.

It’s been pointed out that the first (asshole) tweet came from Drumpf’s Android phone; the second tweet from an (staffer’s) iPhone.

Yep. Priorities, huh?


Kaepernick is taking a serious beating over what he did not only in SF press but in the small town of Turlock where he’s from where memorabilia was displayed in bars and is being removed, and food was named after him. Veterans in particular are disgusted with him. So, yeah the black guy is going to continue to take a fucking beating for sitting down and being disrespectful.


This is another thing which is deeply irritating. Since when did the flag become the sole possession of the military? And these might very well possibly be the same vets who agree with Donald Trump that the US military is broken, weak and horrible. But they have no problem with that at all, and seem to have forgotten his dislike of captured soldiers.


Imagine if he really did something bad… like overrun and take over a national wildlife refuge for weeks while black and while armed.


Yep. It shouldn’t surprise me, yet it always does how many white folks have the most skewed priorities. What CK did (I find his name entirely too long to type :slight_smile: ) is exercise his American right for something that, whether many white people want to face it or not, is a major problem in the US. Cops killing of unarmed black men in this country is a chronic issue that needs to be faced. The NFL and SF 49’ers organization, have been given an unforeseen golden opportunity here. They have a chance to bring this conversation to the table. A conversation that needs to be had. Except…they won’t. They’ll turn a blind eye until it goes away.

But, when Curt Schilling said that stupid, dumb comment comparing Muslims to the Nazis, many of the same people denouncing CK ran to defend Schillings 1st amendment rights! No outrage there! And no outrage when Trump uses the death of an innocent black women, walking her child, in a stroller–crickets.

Wade, as I suspected, was classy in his denouncement of this…because he’s always been a class act. He took the high road, and could have ripped Trump. So, let’s say for second he did rip into Trump. Wade would have been besieged on Twitter/Facebook for injecting himself into the election. He would have received countless tweets telling him to “just play basketball! No one cares about your opinion on politics!”. And, he would have been called the N word, or told that it should have been him who was shot…awful, terrible things.

Priorities and attitudes need to change, and change drastically. But, in the era of Trump, it’s being set back by decades.

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In short, he would have gotten the same treatment as the Khan family. I wish your screed could be passed off as hyperbole, but unfortunately it is not. It is merely based on empirical observation.


We’ve seen it all too often, haven’t we @frankly_my_dear? Just for the comment Wade did make, he’s probably being attacked as we speak.

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Trump used the tragedy of Wade’s cousin just like he used the Angel Moms when he trotted them onstage in Phoenix.

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I attended a couple years of college in Turdville, at Turkey Tech, so such treatment of CK doesn’t surprise me in the least.

It should also be noted that Turlock is only 15 miles south of Molesto (aka Modesto). Whenever he performed “Montana” in California Frank Zappa would change “Montana” to “Modesto,” preceded, of course, with the insightful observation that it was a song about “the most socially retarded place west of Flint, Michigan.”

But he’s also getting a lot of support from veterans as well.


Dwyane Wade: Trump Used My Cousin’s Death ‘For Political Gain’

Trump: Duh… and it really helped me.

There are more Okies in the San Joaquin Valley than there are in Oklahoma.

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