Discussion: Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson: Chris Christie Is My 'Buddy'

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Hmmmm. The Rock and The Boulder.

“more patriotic than I am political.”

Translation: I don’t want to lose one dime at the box office due to that fat goon.

PS-The Rock seems to be weathering…

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Well, all I can say is that I am glad “The Rock” requested his image to be removed from the clip. As a fan, I was very disappointed to see him grant his “approval” of Christie’s method of governing. Glad he wasn’t comfortable with the awkward message the promo clip emitted. Like, stick up for the “BAD GUYS”, and surely the “The Rock” can’t stand for that!


There’s a man who knows how to maintain his audience.

Looks like hot, frothy, Conservative man-lurve!..

So then, The Rock goes for bears?

Ahhh. No more The Rock movies for me.

" weathering" OUCH!! LOL!

They work out together, and share a passion for being bad actors.

What was the attraction before exactly?

I was once told that you’re judged by the company you keep. If the Rock can be boys with someone who knew about the bridge stopage, and then did nothing about it, while reneging on the deal that pensioners negotiated in good faith, then screw him.

The trailer features clips of Christie warning of an impending bagel crisis, along with dramatic music and sound effects. The clip is cut together with scenes of gluttony and cream cheese.

So this means Chris Christie wasn’t caught between The Rock and a hard place?

And this is news, how? Sorry (actually, not sorry), but who cares if “The Rock” mas met/knows a politician? I’m beginning to agree with those who use the term TPMZ.

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Thanks Dwayne.

But I really didn’t need another reason not to vote for Christie.

I’ve posted my problem with much of the click bait reporting but never gave it name. Now I know it’s TPMZ, and it’s perfect.

Rock is great!!!

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