Discussion: 'Duck Dynasty' Relative Running For Kissing Congressman's Seat

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“I think there’s a vacuum in D.C. of people who understand where rights come from. Rights don’t come from men. They come from God.”

The dude is a little confused. My bible study days are long past, but I think that it might conflict with his line of reasoning as well.

Dasher said he’s worked in the pharmaceutical industry and in real estate. He said he’s taken an unpaid leave of absence from the biotech company where he worked to campaign for the 5th District seat.
How about, the drug company fried him and told him to go find a new home elsewhere and you get no more money for that experiment that failed miserably by making the brain think you are something you are not or will ever be. lol But the drugs were goooood lol

Gee, don’t those look like “Taliban” beards? Better investigate them for terrorism connections.


I’m not so much worried about his stand on the budget or abortion. I just want a guarantee that those Taliban beard guys he hangs out with won’t impose Sharia law.


Rights come from a gun. Duuuh.

I think the vacuum is in the heads of anyone who supports anything to do with any of these aces in the hole.

Why do they all look like Muslim Terrorists to me? What does Bill-Bo Really? have to say about them thar terrorists?

"I got to looking around at the problems in politics today, and what I
see in Washington, D.C., is no God. There is no God. The elite political
class thinks they can be running our lives," [Dasher] said in an interview
with The Associated Press."

Somebody needs to introduce Zach to the Establishment Clause.

So, why exactly is the “connection” to this perquackey TV show of any importance? Would we or should we be considering what he believes, rather than whom it is that he might be “related” to, in one way or another?
The TV show link is just clickbait.
Ask yourself if we’d be hearing about this fellow if the were the third cousin twice removed of the show’s make up man’s neighbor?
It’s like something out of “Spaceballs” for corn sake!