Discussion: Drudge Report On Boehner Resignation: 'One Last Cry'

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Now we get to spend the next year with the Republican Party going bananas.


Ir appears to me that Matt Drudge is gleeful to report Boehner’s last cry! So I guess the tea baggers are partying up a storm now.

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That Drudge is tickled to see Boehner go speaks volumes. This is going to get ugly.

Mitch McConnell had better watch his back. He’s next.


Republicans have truly become the most crass and dishonorable group of people I have ever seen. Don’t get me wrong. I’m no fan of Boehner’s, but it used to be that conservatives were recognized as polite and considerate and the liberals were crazy revolutionaries … my how the times have changed.


not yet.

his comeuppance will be in '17.

Oh I’m sure Ted Cruz is kicking dust up in Mitch’s face now…the question will be, how will McConnell react?

I’m no fan of Boehner, but dumping on the guy because he gets weepy is just contemptible.
And I wish I could say that it was only the slapdicks on the Right who go in for this particular cheap shot.
From them, you expect no better.
Unfortunately, some putative liberals also make these witless and sexist observations.

that party would include activities like the puppy kick how to drown your grandmother…how to steal candy from babies and the big event… death panels 101 how to maximize the experience

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