Discussion: 'Downton Abbey' Congressman Has A History Of Lavish Spending

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Thanks for the peek at the Romney administration that never was.


All that campaign money isn’t going to just spend itself!

This guy strikes me as more of a branch from the Chris Christie tree of orange squeezers and lavish spenders.


Waiting for the revelations about payments to rent boys in 5, 4, 3…


Well, isn’t that what I am suppose to be doing? Hell they elected me and I want to represent them in the best possible light at there expense of course. If I am not here, I am shoveling horse dung for minimum wage or waiting on tables. Don’t know much different on what to do.

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$5000 on a hotel room for one trip, but it’s OUTRAGEOUS that someone gets $100 a month in food stamps. I hate these people.


Selling the house in Peoria for 5 times its market value to a powerful local donor is going to come back and bite him on the ass.

As a change of pace, he won’t have to pay whoever does the biting this time.


And its these ritzy “better-than-everyone-else” types that screech the loudest about someone who gets the grand sum of 50 cents a day in food assistance to help keep their kids from going hungry.
This is just exactly the type we don’t need making policy or law.
But this is what America gets when it decides to “sleep thru” an election, in order to “punish” someone or something.
The good people and those who can afford it the least are the ones who wind up being punished-by head cases like this.
Remember, this gonif makes $174,000 a year, of our money. He hasn’t even heard the word “hunger” whispered to him in years, unless he’s watching a movie with a girl using a bow and arrow.


I certainly hate their “priorities.” Especially while using everyone else’s money to purchase those priorities.

But he’s helping to fight people from getting healthcare! He needs these things for all that hard work. LEAVE AARON ALONE!!!