Discussion: Donald Trump's Debate Strategy Was All Interrupter-In-Chief

That’s business by the way. Mitt was the guy that fired your dad, Donald was the guy that bought the foreclosure where you grew up. You left your dolls there because your parents told you that you were going on vacation. Republicans must NEED to be tied up and whipped. Some people are just like that, they NEED pain in their lives.

Donald voters, if you really need pain in your lives, I want you to go to the kitchen right now. Put your hand in the drawer. And slam it as hard as you can. If you need pain in your lives, just go and get it. But don’t poison the whole country with it. Just go give a homeless person $20 and tell him to beat you up. Just go get what you need.


We already know how little respect for women he has, so this only proved it. The most boorish, rude, disrespectful display I’ve ever seen in a “candidate” for the Presidency. Women will really react to that. And he pretty much went through his whole schtick here in the first debate. Not much left for him to say in 2 more debates.


Clinton baited Trump about 20 minutes into the debate and instantly got into his head. The game was over after that and she ran him the rest of the night. Everything he said or did was because she willed it.


The MRA crowd, on the other hand, probably need a fresh pair of shorts and a cigarette.

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The MSM placed Trump’s expectations on the floor. Dissatisfied by the unsightly little bump they made on the floor, they then stomped them and stomped until they were flat. Then, deciding they were still too high, they took a jackhammer to the floor, broke through to the dirt, dug a forty foot trench and put the expectations into the ditch. They then postulated a dozen entirely contradictory things that Hillary had to do to beat him.

And still, with his expectations in the ditch, and her’s perched up on a pole vaulting rig so high it was buffeted by the jet stream, he failed to meet, much less exceed them and she got over the bar with room to spare.

Because in the end, this is who Trump is. He can no more control himself for 90 minutes than a puppy who’s been drinking water all day can hold it until walkies. And then, being Trump, having humiliated himself, he immediately began whining about how the whole thing was very, very unfair to him.


Ironically then, Trump Interrupted.


It was lovely to see. His boorish behavior contrasts with “Proceed, Governor” .


During that final exchange about emotional fitness to be president, Trump reminded me a bit of Captain Queeg talking about strawberries. In some ways, Boggie’s Queeg sounded more rational.

How can you be nearly screaming at someone and still be credibly presidential?

I doubt it took much acting for HC to look incredulous.


The thin-skinned are easily flayed.


Trump not only interrupt Lester Holt, he did it ad perpetuam when he triepoint on his Birtherism by calling of all people, Sean Hannity, Sean freaking Hannity, his freaking personal fluffer. "Call Sean Hannity. Call Sean Hannity. Call Sean Hannity".

He didn’t only put the noose around his own neck, he pulled the lever and hung on his own legs pulling down.

My dear, TPMistas, this is precisely what I needed after a month where I felt I was aging 4 times the normal rate every time I saw a poll or an instamap. This was mana for me a true fountain of youth, or maybe that nice cold beer or whiskey at the end of a long insufferable day

edit: Added photo just for the laughs


Story on cnn: Hillary says trump paid no income tsx. Trump did not deny it. His rejoinder was “that makes me smart”. No Donnie… that makes you a cheap money grubbing fuck who really in his core is not patriotic. Taxes, as onerous as they may be, go for the good of the nation. Trump believes he should reap the benefits of living here but not pay his fair share.
There is an attack ad already written there. Trumps minions should be insulted at the least.


I couldn’t believe it when Trump trotted out Hannity as his unimpeachable verification. That was one of many mind blowing moments in the debate. Incredible!


It’s not that I wasn’t glad to hear him mention Sean Hannity with such candor, I was elated, but I had to maintain my composure and keep listening to him and not miss one single solitary gaffe.

He said he has “the temperament”, “the look”, the this and the that… NEVER in my life did
I expect to see someone say such nonsense, even from Trump, therefore I’m expecting even less from him next Debate, if he even decides to attend, Presidential Debate which, knowing Trump, very likely may not happen, now.

Hillary made me truly and wholeheartedly happy. Right on, Hill!.. Thanks

I needed this debate outcome, I really did.


You’ll like this from the Guardian. Fact checking him and a tiny quibble about her. I liked this bit the best.

Trump: “My father gave me a small loan in 1975.”

Trump never struggled for money or started with anything modest. In 1978 his father gave him a loan totaling almost $1m – about $3.7m today – and acted as guarantor for the young Trump’s early projects. A 1981 report by a New Jersey regulator also shows a $7.5m loan from the patriarch, and years later he bought $3.5m in gambling chips to help his son pay off the debts of a failing casino, which was found to have broken the law by accepting them. Trump also borrowed millions against his inheritance before his father’s death, a 2007 deposition shows.

Trump has not proven that he is worth $10bn, though his tax returns, which he has refused to release, could provide a clearer picture of his worth. His financial filings suggest he has less than $250m in liquid assets, according to a Wall Street Journal analysis. Trump has a history of overstating his properties: he has, for instance, told the FEC that a New York golf club is worth $50m but also argued in court that it is worth only $1.4m.

@kilgoretrout This is the kind of event that drives fund raising through the roof. We’re so happy to see out candidate knock 'em dead and we happily and gratefully turn over what we can. I suppose some rube thinks the orange one needs his hard earned bucks and will also donate but he’ll get not return on it.

@tigrrrl I made the mistake of watching the Matthews discussion with several men and Joy Reid, the smartest person on the panel. She was talked over constantly by all the men there, most of all Matthews himself who tends to ask and answer his own questions.


The Interrupter-in-Chief reminded me (and probably every other woman who’s done time in corporate hell) of every a**hole who ever interrupted us…over and over again.


I get really annoyed when folks interrupt. It was the chief reason i did not watch the debate. That and i figured trump would not answer the question that was asked in any coherent fashion. Seems thats how it turned out.
Theres a story on cnn that has hrc saying trump paid no income tax and he did not deny it. In fact he claimed it showed he was smart. Now that is just really insulting and unpatriotic.


That other interruption where he tried to make it about himself was when he went ***“End of story. End of story”***. That, to me was an insight on his temperament in private and how he conducts himself with his staff and business matters. He has the last word even if preposterously wrong.

In a very Twilight Zone Rod Serling intro/preface "Consider this. A short tempered, thin skinned, ignorant and unprepared President was just elected to the Presidency of the United States of America and has been given the nuclear codes" Scariest fucking scenario ever, huh? So let’s not sleep on our laurels cos we’re still not out of the woods.

When Donald went septic low, Hillary went sky high!


I’m surprised that Trump calling for a nuke war in the far east is receiving so little (any?) attention …
“China should solve the problem for us. China should go into North Korea. China is totally powerful as it relates to North Korea.” , Trump.


One of the most revealing moments was after the end of the debate Trump walked off with his entourage while Hillary and Bill went into the crowd, shook hands, and posed for picures.