Discussion: Donald Trump To Visit Jordan At The End Of The Month

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can it be arranged so that he can’t re-enter the country because he’s now a suspected Islamic convert?

you know… muzzle’im now :mask:


Either we pass emergency legislation prohibiting anyone with orange skin and a dead squirrel stapled to his head in the country, or maybe lets just turn out the lights and pretend we’ve moved.

It’s an orange possum, I’m pretty sure.

Turn Out the Lights

I hope he’s his normal obnoxious self while in Jordan and finds himself in jail!!

Any bets that he calls off this visit at the last minute?

No one? Yeah, I wouldn’t bet on him following thru either…

It all depends on whether Trump already knows Jordan is full of OMG! Muslims, every last one of whom isn’t welcome in the United States, if he has any say about it. Seriously, why would the Jordanians want to meet with such a bigot?