Discussion: Donald Trump Signed A Baby Trump Fan At A Rally. Really. (VIDEO)

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Watch Trump marking the child, captured by TPM

Does TPM still have the child? Is there a point in continuing to publish, having reached this Pulitzer-level of journalistic excellence?


The sight of the donnie was hair-raising for the kid.

Mom should be charged with child endangerment.

There was no word on whether the baby, who was intently focused on a
bedazzled pacifier at the rally, was moved by the experience.

Well, I’m sure the baby had some sort of movement because of Trump.


Nah…the comma fixes that one. Had there been no comma, I’d agree.

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One of those loaded historical moments, right? Somewhere a bell chimed or an angel farted or something as Clinton and JFK’s hands met.

Of course, Trump Baby will go through its molting period in a few years, revealing its true puppymonkeybaby form, so I’m guessing this wasn’t one of those meetings.


Actually It was the “captured by TPM” thing that has the most ridiculosity, but I sort of made a mess of it.

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It seems like the TPM staff is tuned in to Fox and MSNBC in their offices and looks for meaningless and/or inflammatory items all day that they can then regurgitate to us, none of which is newsworthy, Trumpf baby being one of them.

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Do we really need bad “journalism” to fan the flames of bad politics??

The Mark of the Beast…


Ok, I had a great post but I forgot it now.

Hey kid, don’t touch him, unlike black people the evil rubs off.


Oh, lighten up. TPM provides a lot of good content too. Josh’s take on the debate this morning was spot on too. Sometimes the fluff pieces bug me too, admittedly, but they usually provide a good launchpad for jokes.


The lucky parents can cash that baby anywhere! Trump’s good for it!
But, after seeing the baby’s picture, I can see how Donald may have thought it was Ivanna…

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Not gonna lighten up. Gonna be my pedantic whiny sniveling self 4ever and ever, and I’ll continue to join in the joke sessions.


Exactly what I was thinking.
The TPM undercover film missed the smoke eminating form the tot’s hand…

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I think I see a child who will have some parental resentment issues in the future.

Haha, fair enough :slight_smile:

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At which point Trump said, “Ewww, that’s disgusting.” and proceeded to harangue the baby for it’s bathroom habits.

Wasn’t that a scene from “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade”?