Discussion: Donald Trump: I Should Replace The 'Moron' Who Hosts 'Meet The Press'

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Why you should not say things like"You can’t really get a much worse host than Chuck Todd." Yes. Yes you can.


I’ve never seen anyone so full of themself.


Good Comedy!!!

Hoping that it can be arranged for the Donald to visit the New England Patriots - so his balls can be altered…


Brings to mind an old adage from my childhood… “it takes one to know one”.


My dad use to say “No one knows how stupid you are till you open your mouth,” Donald is a natural wonder because his head has not imploded due to a vacuum.


yeah, i know todd and gregory are no tim russert, but i find MTP watchable. if it was the donald doing the show, i know for sure that there would be one less viewer. what a horrible pos this person is.


People beg you to just get a wig but that never happens either,


This is just a little slap fest on twitter between two morons. Chuck said a mean thing about Trump on Sunday, so Trump says a mean thing about Chuck.

Look for Todd to send a tweet that “His Daddy can kick Trump’s daddy’s butt” next.


And with very thin skin. His widdle feelings were hurt.


Who are the people begging him to replace “the moron” who hosts Meet? We need to know so we can avoid them.

Can’t alter what doesn’t exist

To steal a wonderful line----

If Trump were given an enema, he could be buried in a match box.


I think “The Donald” has a very exaggerated sense of his own importance!

Those people are actually the voices in his head. He needs to up his medications.


Billions and billions of them. But notice how he said he’ll busy for ten years so some inquiring mind will say, tell us about your plans, Donny.

Donnie could do with a few PhillipsScrewDrivers…

Equal portions of OJ and Vodka with double portions of Phillips Milk’o’Magnesia.

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Donnie is a lesion in his own mind…

Lesions —> voices only heard by the affected one.

The biggest moron in all this is NBC. They hung onto Cosby past his expiration date and now they’re doing much the same with this pompous asshole. Mr. Comb-over comes out with these histrionic antics on cue whenever NBC airs that piece of shit show he has on TV. You can almost set your clock to it each year now.

As we all know, one thing this bankruptcy king is famous for is wasting prime real estate with no redeeming value for anyone but himself. He does the same thing on television with low-grade poor quality entertainment. Todd sucks, but so does Trump. Flip a fucking coin.

The idiots really responsible for both of these disasters however is fucking heads-up-their-asses NBC.