Discussion: Donald Trump Complains 'Football Has Become Soft Like' America (VIDEO)

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Amazing that a brilliant talent, who has contributed beautiful art to this world like David Bowie gets cancer and dies, yet this orange, sociopath, selfish asshole lives on. There is no justice in this world.


I knew Donald Trump was a buffoon, but until he ran for President this time around, I had no idea of the depths of that buffoonery. So, I guess some thanks to TPM are in order.
And I agree with albesure. RIP, David Bowie.


And you know “soft” when you see it, lardass!


Yup, the days of going to the fights and a football game braking out are gone. It’s time the NFL take away all those big soft pads and stop using helmets and face masks.

Trump also says the US Military has gone soft…instead of taking the hill with thousands of boots on the ground we now send in drones. I say let the Donald grab his NRA card, his rifle, and lead the troops himself back into Damascus without wearing a helmet.

We need hard leaders - leaders that fought and served on the front lines. No more silver spooned whoosies like Dick Cheney or Jeb & George Bush. Did Trump serve…NOPE, he also dodged the draft with daddy’s contacts.


Soldiers and their families ought to be real concerned about Rump’s bold vision of greatness, achieved exclusively by sacrificing other people’s bodies.


Don’t rememr reading or seeing anywhere where Trump has the first hand experience regarding Football physical contact to know what is “SOFT”.


Although, typically, he doesn’t give details, I assume he means that football is “soft” since they are trying to limit injuries like concussions. It’s typical that he would think that our entertainment was more important than another person’s life.


Well, to be fair to Donald Trump, he clearly is the victim of some sort of traumatic brain injury. So, why should he suffer alone?


That, there, proves Donald Trump is a GOPer – no doubt about it. Once you’re out of the womb, you’re on your own and your illnesses and trauma are nothing but entertainment to a Republican (today’s variety of Republican).


Same for Obama: a clueless wimp, coward and liar if ever one existed. Obama belongs with Trump and dumdum dubya and dick the prick on the front lines, unarmed like most of our murders and assassinations worldwide were when we slaughter, maim and torture them. Put Them All on that front line, or on the gallows for the world to see real justice. Now here, Trump has just aliented about 10 million of us who watch NFL, but know it’s a violent game already, even with seriously armor plated clothes. We NFL fans are now in the same b.s. boat with African Americans, Mexicans, Syrians and almost all refugees and immigrants, on and on. Who is left to support this nightmare? Other all-American nightmares, probably millions of them who love Trump.

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Imagine a Trump presidency. Amongst various scary oddities, we’d have daily news conferences with extraneous opinions such as this NFL criticism. I think it would be extremely tiresome by the second week.


So… This is the guy that speaks his mind. Says what we want to say but can’t because of pc police?

When did we all want to pander to people that like Trump? He laments football’s loss of concussions and broken limbs on the field and kowtows to Brady because Brady said he supported Trump.

Let the hunger games begin eh Trump!?

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I am STUNNED* that Trump would come out a pro-massive-brain-damage. But I guess when you’re campaigning, you need to get supporters somehow.

(* Wait, that’s not the right word. What’s the opposite of stunned?)


He wants football with no pads but I highly doubt he can name a single rugby team. Unless one gave him money.


Yes, indeed, Donald, let’s go back to the halcyon days when players went right back into games with brain damage. Speaking of which, what is your excuse?


" ‘But football has become soft like our country has become soft,’ Trump said."

Yes. And war without the mustard gas and other gases that choke the life out of the lungs it sears is not like it used to be. And life without slaves to whip, without the gladiator fight-to-the-death matches. Now those were truly the good ole days… Not that he’d ever join up to fight or to be a slave or gladiator.

(Edit) The dynamic between perceived reality and true reality is so alive in Trump’s speech fantasyland. It reminds me of the scene from Fargo season 2 where Reagan is campaigning in Iowa circa 1980. While pissing in the urinal next to his highway patrol bodyguard, an actual Vietnam war vet who saw action the vet tells Reagan of his own personal war horror. Reagan responds by telling him about how the “Nazi bastard” had him cornered in a bunker… Only Reagan was talking about a war movie he was in. The vet is aghast about the absolute disconnect.

This is the same disconnect from reality you hear from Trump and his supporters.


Says the florid faced, apple shaped Donny Trump, whose most challenging sport is driving to play 18 holes.


Then it would be Rugby. Go Cardiff Blues.


Yeah, I’m not going to take any advice on toughness from a dude that uses more hairspray than my grandma.