Discussion: Donald Trump Can't Stop Retweeting White Supremacist Twitter Accounts

No wait, he can’t possibly have done that, b/c Morning Blow and his gang of mystery solving sycophants spent all morning assuring eachother on how great a general election candidate he is, how this kind of stuff is totally never happening again, and how Trump will win women, men, and, presumably, bring dogs and cats together. Because, infrastructure.


He doesn’t give a sh*t if it’s a White supremacist group so long as they worship him, it’s all good.


Standard Trump “This is the first I’ve heard of that, I don’t know anything about that, I’ll have to look into this…” in 3…2…1…


This is REALLY going to be an enjoyable election. I can’t wait for someone at a Trump rally to yell at Melania, “Show us your tits!” I mean, they’re such great specimens of American exceptionalism.

What really has keksec fired up is the thought of WHITE WIMMENS chained in the White House basement.

Given that lots of white supremacists are likely reading Trump’s Twitter feed on a regular basis, it sort of makes sense to retweet content that would appeal to them.

As a bonus, those tweets are likely written at a third grade level, making them easy for Trump’s base to read.

Maybe Trump’s appeal to white bigots is entirely predictable:



I’ve seen toddlers with better impulse control than Trump.

Didn’t he promise, just yesterday, to be more Presidential?


He’s very presidential. Yeah, very presidential.

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Even basic vetting. I can’t wait for his pretend cabinet picks.

Looks like Trump’s new “serious, smart, grownup, make-him-look-presidential” team still has a lot of work to do. And none of it stands the faintest chance of working unless they can pry the Twitter account out of his stubby little fingers.

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Maybe he’s waiting until his coronation at the convention? Otherwise, he’s made that promise at least three times now.

B-b-but I heard several ‘experts’ this morning say only nice, presidential Trump would be evident post NY. Holy Paladino!


And The Donald needs to be asked about THAT comment over and over again!

Fucking interns!

So is retweeting the new way to forward racist mails? I don’t want a boss that forwards racist email why would I want a president that does that?

Can’t name one, but, hey, can you send me a pic of your daughter?

Jesus fucking christ. check out the tweet from the site. He’s running for President of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA for God’s sake. And he retweeted a guy who posts this shit?
are these the “missing white voters” who stayed home in 2012?
are these the “new voters” trump is bringing in in 2016?