Discussion: Donald Trump Blasts Trey Gowdy As He Is Expected To Endorse Rubio

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These stories are exhausting for me. Trump, Gowdy, Rubio: Whom to dislike the most?


Bit thin-skinned there, Donnie.


Because… (wait for it…) … Benghazi!


“His hearings were a disaster. Everybody was looking forward to something that was going to be really productive. And he didn’t win with those hearings. It was a total not-good for Republicans and for the country,” Trump said,

Sort of like your inquiry into Obama’s birth certificate?


The President is usually considered the leader of his party. That’s an unusual leadership style Trump displays above. Read the third paragraph a few times. He gives up the GOP’er game on Benghazi. It was about Republicans and republican wants and he says so.


Notice how the media has utterly failed to confront Trump on his racist birther crusade? But having spent hours talking about emails on a server…no problem as long as it detracts from Clinton.


Really Gowdy? He is spending more of our money on a useless excerise and is one of the reasons why Republicans are so ineffective and useless.


This was in the LA Times yesterday. All about Drumpf and his Atlantic City bankruptcies.


There’s going to be quite a few twitter-messages the coming months if he is going to blast everyone that don’t support him.

“It is not what they say, but the reaction that tells you everything you need to know.”
― Shannon L. Alder (whoever that is)


Trump is the GOP’s beastial ID and, truthfully, his sheople followers love and devour every loathsome, hateful and hatefilled bit of slop that comes from his slobbering maw. His blasting Trey Gowdy Doody’ is actually humorous, but his national rampage is exhausting. He’s proven far more durable than I expected and, while I enjoy his savaging of the Republican Cult, it would certainly be enjoyable to see him simply white out and exit the stage. Alas, that seems unlikely any time soon.
He’s almost done the impossible: He’s managed to push Palin aside as the GOPigs’ absolute definition of batshitcrazy.


Who cares? Really–Who cares?


Why on earth would Rubio, or anyone, for that matter, want to be associated with Trey Gowdy?


Trump is understandably upset with Gaudy. He had the chance to take down Clinton and he did not do it. All he had to do was lie and make up a lot of bad things about Clinton. Hey, gaudy tried but darn it, she had an answer for everything for those 11 hours. Trump is angry because he has been making stuff up with great effect…


Trump can’t go wrong calling republicans losers. We will see if the House and Senate endorsements make any difference.


Trump’s “blasting” everyone who makes any comment he finds ‘unsupportive’ is simply “Gish Gallop” (* Named after Duane Gish, a Young Earth creationist who was prominent not long ago and peppered his opponents with overwhelming laughable nonsense, so much so they were so stunned or unable to stop laughing and respond.) and consists of simply throwing out so much horsesht and bullying nonsense that your opponent cannot possibly respond to it all and your stupid followers lap it up as truth.
Trump has merely extended that technique from the time-limited arena of a debate to his tiresome cesspool-of-a campaign. One simply has to face the fact that the bigoted, idiotic, depraved mouthbreathing droolers who comprise his base lap that horsesh
t up. Even his comments about having journalists murdered if he doesn’t like them seems to have been overlooked and don’t even spark much interest in the very press he threatens. This lunacy is today’s politics.

that Gowdy will join the senator on the campaign trail in Iowa this week, according to Reuters.

Feel the momentum!

Because nothing says “Winning!” than having an obscure Republican only hard-core political junkies know about campaign for you!


Well, I’d add: and today’s media, thirsting for page views…


Because Gowdy’s endorsement (and support along the campaign trail) is some kind of golden ticket for Republicans? What if Rubio doesn’t want either?

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Nothing says “I’m qualified to make complicated, potentially dangerous decisions as the leader of the free world,” like using the phrase “a total not good.”