Discussion: Donald Sterling's Lawyer Vows To 'Fight To THe Bloody End'

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Spoken like a true warrior,…paid by the hour.


…yet gets paid whether or not they succeed. Man, I should switch to consulting already.


Donald trades a tramp right arm for a lawyer right arm that knows it’s getting a Bentley up front.

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Cash Cow baby! Let the litigation begin!

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Funny, but when I went to law school, Contracts was a first-semester, first-year course. Sterling’s attorney seems to have ditched those classes.


This is one of the few cases where I hope the attorney takes every penny from his loathsome client.


Lawyer: We will continue to Fight! Fight! Fight! and I will continue to Bill! Bill! Bill!

After all that dried up wind bag is loooadeeed and I’m going to suck him drrryyy.

This is actually good news. It forces the NBA Board of Governors to vote June 3 to terminate Sterling’s ownership, and lets them bring in the totality of his record rather than just the remarks originally quoted, to the mix.

This means 23 owners must agree that acting like a racist turd can get you terminated. That will be an important vote. Will Mark Cuban vote yes? How about the idiot who owns the Grizzlies? Mike Dolan of the Knicks? The Russian who owns the Nets?

But if they fail to pass the resolution, players will revolt.

Yes, NBA owners are east of the rock and west of the hard place here. But they all deserve to be there. They have made themselves public figures,and need to be treated as such. And accept that treatment as the price of ownership.

Gonna be fun.


Blah blah blah blah. Posture, preen, proclaim…


They’ll be sold by the time the NFL preseason kicks off, and probably sooner.

Shyster lawyer vows to wring as much money as possible from old white racist prick Donald Sterling. Two peas in a pod.

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That’s right-- he’ll fight to the bloody end of Sterling’s money.

Pass the popcorn.

All the NBA needs to do is pull the Clippers franchise and put it up for bid. He’s a franchisee not the owner of the NBA

News flash, Legal Beagle: you can protest all you want, but the entire NBA will not play against this team, nor will their players play for them. So you can take your blood-soaked prognostications and treat them as they should be treated: with Preparation H. Sterling is free to start his own basketball league, but he’s not free to compete in the NBA without consent, by prior agreement of all the franchisees.

“As long as there are attorney fees to be wrung out of this old racist, I will fight to the bloody end!”

Quick, give that guy the Heimlich maneuver!

Whole lot of money, the paid liars, will fight till there’s no money left? Next revolution, kill the lawyers first. I’m not a bigot, just ask me, the blacks just don’t understand?

“You can have my billing statements when you pry them from my cold, dead hands!”