Discussion: Donald Sterling: Magic Johnson 'Should Be Ashamed' Of Having 'AIDS' (VIDEO)

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gather around minorities, masta sterling is speaking.

thank ya masta sterling for continuing to put your foot in your mouth. i hope they speed up your ouster, clown


Next up: Donald Sterling now says Anderson Cooper “set him up” during Sterling’s interview on AC360:

“His voice changed! He kept asking me all these questions! Magic Johnson this, Magic Johnson that… Can I have some cheese to go with my whine?”


Well, call me a curmudgeon—everyone else does—but we’re at a point now where we can think up a generic name for this sort of pointless news item. For the moment I’m calling it CUBSAT—Crazy Uncle Billionaire Says a Thing. As with all crazy uncles, the best thing is to roll your eyes and ignore them.


He just removed any benefit of doubt. Should help the likes of Mark Cuban to do the right thing.

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Didn’t I just see this story on The Good Wife on Sunday?

And an 80 year old having public affairs with women a quarter of his age is worth respect?


Ya, but he’s also claimed that he was trying to get V. Stiviano in bed when he told her she was free to sleep with the man he now says ought to be ashamed of his sexploits, as long as she didn’t get photographed.

Pretty soon, it won’t even be fun to mock the delusional old fool.


It is absolutely fascinating and wonderful how these bigoted assholes cannot grasp the concept of instantaneous world-wide communication in the Internet world we currently live in. The same goes for the brain-dead stupid RW politicians. Let us hope they never learn, because watching them being destroyed because of their own words is delicious. Pass me my 2 lb. bag of M&Ms, please!


Or time for an intervention and a visit to Happy Hills Retirement Community and Hospice.

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And Sterling going after Magic Johnson is like a FoxNews personality trying to go after Jon Stewart or Stephen Colbert: you know they can never win, but watching them drown in their own rhetorical shit while trying to do so gives one so much pleasure.


Donald Sterling: DoucheMagnus.


Hmmm, coming from a billionaire who cheats on his wife with every woman he can get his hands on…


What is his deal with Magic?..on the one hand he’s seen sitting with him at games, then he’s telling his boyfriend (that is a dude) not to invite Magic to the games anymore…now he’s blasting him for not helping the community? Maybe he knows Magic will probably be involved in buying the team.

I see your point, but this guy isn’t just some crazy old uncle–he’s a very wealthy man who has control of the team, discriminated against renters in his real estate business, may have done the same with staff on his basketball team, and so his bigotry isn’t the “harmless” Archie Bunker kind where he has no real power. He’s actually in control, hurting people.

By the way, I don’t think Archie’s bigotry was harmless, either, but All in the Family certainly wanted us to think it was.

On the other hand, I wonder if it works to banish people rather than educate them. Although Sterling seems pretty far past educating.


Oy, Sterling should have bought Brunei years ago…He fakes sad about grandchild, really sobs over the loss of V. Stivano’s expert right hand and trashes Magic Johnson…Sorry politics, media’s busy right now.
Suddenly the 1% seem less dull than the Romneys.

For the love of all that’s holy__Sterling! Please just STFU!

I remember that the character “Sophia” on the ol’ Golden Girls series had a stroke and it erased any ‘filter’ she had in expressing whatever she said…seems Sterling has the same condition. The racist ol’ f*ck can’t help himself. I’ve never seen anyone in a hole dig any harder.


I assume you’re just too young to remember All in the Family when it first aired…


I see your point too, and the things these people do matters and should be addressed. But the breathless reporting, day after day, of every dumb thing they say gets old. Life is very short, really it is. Too short to educate people like this but if you want to try, knock yourself out.

Sterling is the one that should be ashamed.

A quick Google search shows Magic Johnson has a foundation. It provides for HIV/AIDS education and prevention. According to the statistics, nearly 60% of new infections in youth occur in African Americans, about 20% in Hispanics/Latinos, and about 20% in whites. The MJF awards grants to support the development of high quality, innovative programs that provide HIV/AIDS awareness, prevention, and treatment services to urban communities. See everyone? Magic does NOTHING.

Another offering fromn the foundation is TAYLOR MICHAELS
scholarship program. Only 6% of low-income students obtain a four-year degree by age 24. The objectives of the foundation are to increase the number of minority college graduates coming from underserved urban environments, prepare all students to successfully enter the workforce (or graduate school) upon graduation and to increase the number of underserved minority youth who prepare for careers and matriculate to college.
What I tell you guys, nothing.

Another program provided by the foundation are the “Community Empowerment Centers”. Their aim is to provide ethnically diverse urban communities access to resources and programming that educate, empower and strengthen individuals though the innovative use of technology.

Absolutely nothing.

Many people who do work for the community don’t take out full page newspaper ads stroking themselves.

I’m quite certain if I dig deeper, I can find more activities Mr. Johnson is involved with that directly impacts and helps minorities. The point is it is grossly unfair of Donald to say what he did. It shows ignorance, short sightedness and a certain level of racism in and of itself. I don’t think I ever heard anyone accuse Sterling of not helping Jewish people; why did Sterling immediately jump to race in an effort to discredit Magic? It was unneccessary and further shows what a slimeball he really is.

If I felt an ounce of sorry for this old man, it has surely disappeared by now.

The AIDS line was so below the belt, I won’t even bother responding and hope Magic doesn’t either.